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Old Friendships
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Name: Old Friendships
Series: Survival Island
Written by: Blue

Previous chapter: Prologue
Next chapter: The Calling

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Alexander sat in his red velvet chair. The room was massive. It was covered with bookshelves. There was a fireplace at one end of the room and at the other, his oak desk. The fire crackled like a raging beast. Sometimes he could see Bella, his mother, in the fire. He just believed it to be his mind playing tricks. The carpet was Persian and made of fine silks. There was a chandelier on the ceiling. Everything was placed perfectly. On his desk he had picture of his wife and son and some paperwork.

Cassandra Goth as Toddler

Cassandra getting all the attention

Looking through the security camera monitors, all was peaceful. No rebellions and no trouble. Just the way he liked it. He looked at his desk: only paperwork. He tapped his finger frustratedly on the table. He had everything any Sim could have, yet he wasn't satisfied. He had a wife, an heir and was ruler of the past. He kept hearing his mother voice echoing through his head and in the fire, was it right to take over the past, was it right to blame his mother for the disappearance. Yes it was, how could she leave him at his hour of need, she looked after Casssandra. Why not him. He sealed an oath that his wife would always be at her son's side and he made sure of that. 

He heard footsteps coming and the door creaked open. A pale, fragile boy emerged from outside the room.

"Father?" he asked.

Alexander II asking for a nanny

"Yes Alexander," Alexander the First replied.

"Can I have a friend?"

"Why do you need a friend, dear child, when you have everything a child could want?"

"Its just... father..."

"What, son?"

"I'm lonely, couldn't I just have a nanny?"

"I give you everything you want, yet you demand more!"

"Sorry father. You were right, you're always right."

"It's ok, Alexander, all of us make mistakes. I see you want a nanny; I will find one,"

"Thank you father, you are grateful and kind."  

Alexander was pondering was he too harsh on the boy? He had a friend when he was young. She was always kind to him and always understood him as a child and his loss of his mother. They had dated each other as teenagers and even shared their first kiss, but Mortimer was getting older and older by the day. One day was alive and the next he was gone. Alexander was so sad when Mortimer died and he asked her to a movie, she said she was busy. Later that day he saw at cinema kissing another boy. Alexander was furious and murdered her in cold blood. He didn't want his son to suffer as well, but he could also see how lonely he was. A nanny would suit him give him, but whom to choose?