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Dragon Valley
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Name: Dragon Valley
Series: Survival Island
Written by: Blue

Previous chapter: A Pact
Next chapter: Survival or Love

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Alexander II watched the Goth Battles with his horrified nanny. Pearl couldn't believe what her brother was doing. Alexander I had artfully only allowed her in after Bart's goodbye to Serena.

"Pearl, can you see what Bart did wrong?" Alex II asked.

"No, what did he do wrong?" Pearl quavered. "Bart showed his weak point by allowing Maximus to have control of the pact. He lacks the confidence to win," Alex said wisely.

Pearl stood in awe and horror at his calm, almost laconic words. How could this child watch people kill each other thinking it was normal? He even corrected their mistakes. She needed to help this child. He was literally just like his father, being a clone raised in a controlled way. No one needed another Sovereign Alexander. Not even young Alex himself.

Meanwhile, Alexander I was busy watching the ages of the contestants pop up on the screen. That happened so people could bet who would win and lose. The younger ones didn't usually get votes. The Barnacle Bay ages popped up. Alexander froze. Something gone horribly wrong. If anyone realized his mistake, his image of being all-knowing would collapse. Something must be done.

Contestant Patty Abe was 21. Only teenagers were allowed in this game, partially because of Bella's teenage brother, and the fact she would be of age soon. There had always been an age restriction. Once Alexander sent children to the Goth games, but it failed because they didn't kill each other. But he had never made a mistake in something as serious as the Goth Battles before. Alexander tapped his fingers nervously on the table. He had to do something. What if the people Barnacle Bay knew Patty's true age? In a burst of confidence they would rebel and overthrow him! He had to get rid of them, but he also had to make it look like an accident to avoid rage from other towns. You can't blow them all up. The Barnacle Bay people in the games would die anyway, so it didn't matter if they had a home to return to. A brilliant plan came into Alexander's twisted mind: he would let out a deadly gas that would poison them all. Alexander pressed the intercom button and gave orders for the gas tanks, reserved for a revolution, to be punctured. The gas spread across the town, and while they shook, vomited and coughed, the people of Barnacle Bay died as the poison took away their breath.

Alexander had once destroyed another city, but with more flair. It was called Dragon Valley. Dragon Valley was fairly medieval. The citizens dressed and acted as though it was 1320, but they still had mobile phones and other modern things. When Alexander took over, none of Dragon Valley was happy, to say the least, especially the 'king' of Dragon Valley. When Alexander's soldiers came over to tell them Alexander was the Emperor, Seamus and his followers planned to ambush them and burn the flags. However, Fintan Mithrilen betrayed them and told Alexander their plans. Alexander in return warned him of his plans to bomb the town. When Fintan heard that, e made a plan to save the town. If the whole town was destroyed he wouldn't get to rule anything. Fintan knew the blind-spots of the cameras, so he invited the town to one of the biggest blind-spots. They planned to move underground. They planned to build a base of an underground town. This time Fintan didn't betray them, instead he tried to delay Alexander bombing them.

A month passed and Alexander got impatient and told Fintan his plan to bomb them in the middle of the night so none would escape. Fintan told them what he heard, that it was next week, but in fact it was that night. Alexander didn't want Fintan to escape and didn't trust him. In Twinbrook, one could see the explosion.

On Thursday in June all breaths were stilled

On Thursday in June Alexander had killed

On Thursday in June Dragon Valley went boom

On Thursday in June Dragon Valley met its tomb

On Thursday in June the bombs came

On Thursday in June Dragon Valley became one flame

On Thursday in June the bombs fell down

On Friday in June Dragon Valley was not a town

-A durge sung every second Thursday of June in rememberance of those who died unbroken.