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Survival or Love
Logo Idea 2
Name: Survival or Love
Series: Survival Island
Written by: Jr

Previous chapter: Dragon Valley
Next chapter: Wolves

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It was getting dark and the Hidden Springs kids hadn't returned. Annie was getting worried. She heard voices and it terrified her. She crept back into the remainder of the shipwreck when something snapped and she fell into the ocean. Luckily, no one heard her yelp. She quickly swam back up, forcing herself not to scream. Then, she spotted something in the water; a kitchen knife. Without thinking, she grabbed it and shoved it into her pocket. Annie knew that if she was going to survive she would need food. She climbed out of the wreck and headed into the jungle. Jonah decided he would go out to look for food while Patty and Serena hid up in a tree. Jonah headed into the jungle, not knowing he was being followed. He tripped, and fell down a small hill, into a stream. Getting up, he noticed a large barrel. He smashed a hole in the top and found it was full of fresh fruit! As he was about to roll it back, a knife was plunged through his back, killing him instantly. As the body fell, a terrified Annie Tong stood holding a kitchen knife, trying to take in what she had done. She knew others would be around, so she rolled the barrel back towards the shipwreck.

When she got back, she knew she was in danger. The Lunar Lakes ship had arrived, not fifty yards from her shipwreck.

Laurel sprinted into the jungle, looking everywhere for food. She knew she had to find some, everyone was getting hungry, and irritable. Suddenly she spotted a container and a bottle of milk hanging from a tree branch. Sge got up the tree as fast as she could and untied the items. On her way back to Bob and Betty, she tripped on something and spilt the milk into a stream. When she looked, she realised it was a body. The body of Jonah Lai. Horrified that the body was just left there, she began checking it for items. Soon after, she noticed a small dagger in his shoe, and grabbed it. This could come in handy, she thought.

She made her way through the jungle. Cutting the vines away from her face and avoiding a look at anything that looked yummy. In a pervious Goth game, Alexander made all the food there poisonous and you would die slowly and painfully if you ate one of the foods. The only foods that weren't poisonous was a small box filled with food enough for four. A small mutated rabbit hopped in front of her. At least it hopped before she stabbed it with the dagger. Throughout the way back to base she killed quite a lot animals. Betty and Bob would be pleased.

"I love you so much, Bob," Laurel heard Betty say as she approached camp.

"I love you too," was the reply. It was Bob.

"Lets hope Laurel doesn't find us," Betty continued


"She has a crush on you, she told me."

Laurel stood behind a tree, watching them. She saw it all, Betty had betrayed her, she told Betty she had a crush on Bob when she was little and Betty promised not to tell Bob. And what was worst was that they were actually kissing, she spend ages catching food to come here and find them doing something as useless, and painful for Laurel, as kissing. The Goth games are about survival, not love. Laurel held the dagger in her hand saying to herself,

"When the time is right the predator will kill the prey. But for now I will find the prey weakest spot and use it to my advantage. I will win the Goth games and not even love will stand in my way, nothing..."