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Name: Wolves
Series: Survival Island
Written by: H

Previous chapter: Survival or Love
Next chapter: Alexander II

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Everyone has a demon. Like a wolf, it might come when you don't expect it and consume you. If there was ever an unexpected time, it was the Goth Battles. Bart and Max sat around the gloomy coals of the Hidden Springs fire. Without Bart knowing, Max had kept the fire alive by feeding it flammables from the bodies of the first three victims. In the moonlight, they could see clear enough to notice two ships fairly close to the island. They also knew that the Lunar Lakes ship had arrived. The only thing holding Max back from running over there to slaughter them was Bart's worries that they might hae high-tech weaponry. "Do you really think Alexander would let them on the island with weapons?" Max sneered. "You never know. Besides, they might have found some," Bart argued. "Not likely. They just got here." Max was covering for the bloodlust he felt. He knew Bart might leave if he knew of Max's growing insanity, and if Max wanted the fastest way to the top, he would need an ally. Bart was strong, but not too strong to be controlled. It was perfect. Then, once there was no one left, Bart would be betrayed and Max would have won. Piece of cake. Unless the cake got burnt by the high-tech weapons Bart insisted the people of Lunar Lakes had. "Come on! Doesn't it seem like something Alexander would do, giving them weapons from their home?" He pressed. "They're nerds! They aren't going to brutalize us!" "Whatever," Bart resigned, looking at the remains of the ship be carried away. "What do you think is going on with the Lunar Lakes kids, anyway?"

Christa Landgraab was stunned. She had wanted more freedom, but what she had had on the cruise ship was all artificial. Her 'mother', Chris and Chrissie...Never would she see them again. But they could see her. They could see her get murdered by her friends. The demon of the fear would destroy them. Unless... she could make a pact. To kill would shame her parents and destroy her own. To be killed would do the opposite. Survival, for all four of them, was the only way. "Hey!" she screamed. Jax, Carly, and Jareth turned in shock to look at her. "Pact!" she shrieked. Her meaning flashed through each mind. Between four contestants, it was a suicide deal. Rather than kill each other, they would face killing themselves once they were the only ones in the Goth Battles. It was a sad glory, a bleak honor. But they would take it, for their families. They all nodded. The wolves of Lunar Lakes were kept at bay that night.