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Alexander II
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Name: Alexander II
Series: Survival Island
Written by: Blue

Previous chapter: Wolves
Next chapter: The Hunt

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Alexender II starred at the Goth Games on his TV screen. He had being watching non-stop for the past few days. The TV was massive and covered quite a lot of Alexander II's private living room. Pearl sat next to him, her face was pale. She had watched her boyfriend being murdered in cold blood on the TV. She thought the Goth Games was sick and horrible; it was much worse. It unleashes the monster inside people, the one locked up inside for a good reason. Her brother had unleashed the monster and she could tell Maximus was pure crazy. If only her brother looked at himself and noticed that killing is wrong. What's the point of winning the Goth Games? It is a sentence of death entering the arena. If you win the games you are paraded around all of Simvalley. People smile and wave but inside they want to kill you for the killing their children. After the parading most go mad, one winner got killed by another member in her own town. Pearl just hoped her brother would die with respect and be honoured after the Goth Games.

"Pearl?" said a quite voice


"Come here". Pearl looked terrified; what could this maniac son want with her. He pressed a secret switch and a hologram appeared of them. Alexander II then pulled her and pushed a bookshelf so that it flipped. It rotated until it revealed a hidden room, Alexander II walked in. Pearl followed in amazement and sacredness. The room had mismatch wooden walls and cobwebs everywhere. The floor was wooden planks and candles lit the room. There was many bookshelf's and tables. In one corner was a mini lounge with a TV. Everything looked makeshift but still incredible. "What is this place?" stuttered Pearl.

"This is my secret hideout. Before father moved here it was an old ancient palace built for the King in medieval times. But when Simvalley became a democracy it was lost and forgotten. Many medieval palaces have secret rooms and entrances and I was lucky to find one. Father cannot see or hear us, which is good. I do not want to get on his bad side as he had before me, 15 other cloned sons which went wrong and thus he destroyed. I have redone this place, to my own liking. I wanted a nanny because I wanted someone to share this place with. I couldn't show you in the first place because I needed to make a hologram of you first and get your voice correct. Right now, Father can see and hear the hologram watching the Goth Games. So what do you want to do?"

Alexander I laughed happily in his study. Two of the people in the Goth Games had gone crazy which meant huge blood bathes and excitement. He glanced at the TV checking to see what son was doing. Good, he was watching the Goth Games with Pearl. He checked to see what every town was doing. All was quiet; in each town everyone was working or going to school. Everything was going well, too well. "There must be a plot to other throw me in the making" thought Alexander I, "I must kill some people cruelly". He laughed as he teleported a few of his citizens into his room, "now how shall I torture them?" He laughed cruelly and the citizens were never seen again...