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The Hunt
Logo Idea 2
Name: The Hunt
Series: Survival Island
Written by: Jr

Previous chapter: Alexander II
Next chapter: Last Coin

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Carly Benton and Jareth Alto headed into the jungle to find food. Jax Benton and Christa Landgraab started to look for shelter. Christa found a cave, and started to collect leaves for bedding. She told Jax to watch over the cave. Unbeknownst to the pair, a pair of eyes was watching them. Carly heard the sound of running water, and sprinted to it. Jareth ran after her, but tripped and fell. He crashed through a wooden floor and found himself inside an old underground hut. In his excitement, he got up, then screamed. He had broken his ankle. Jareth crawled to what looked like a table. On it, he found an empty bottle and a steel bow with seven arrows. Delighted that he had found a weapon, he crawled back to the opening. Realising he couldn’t get out, he screamed for Carly.

Annie Tong was watching two of the Lunar Lake members. Christa headed off, leaving Jax on his own. Annie sprinted behind the cave, and threw some rocks in the other direction. Jax, terrified at the noise, slowly went to see what it was. Annie dashed into the cave and took a jar of scorpions that she had found in the river out of her pocket. She quietly set them free, then ran out of the cave. Heading back to her shipwreck with a grin on her face, she heard screaming. Crouching in the long grass, she realised it was up ahead.

Bob Newbie was trying to find water in the jungle when he saw a girl crouching in long grass. Seeing that she had a knife and he had nothing, he didn't make a sound. Suddenly he heard screaming. The girl sprinted forwards, so Bob had to follow. Soon after, they arrived at a hole in the ground. Bob watched the girl from behind a tree. The girl threw some stones into the hole, then a voice rang out. “Carly is that you? I think I've broken my ankle and can't get out. Help me!”. Grinning with joy, the girl jumped in. A scream rang out, the girl jumped out of the hole and ran away with a bow, arrows, and a bottle in her hands. Bob crept to the side of the hole and peered in. A boy was lying there, unharmed. Something glinted on the table in the hole, and Bob realised it was a spear! Bob jumped in, startling the boy. Bob grabbed the spear and turned to the boy. The boy screamed as the spear was plunged through his heart.

Carly stopped, hearing a loud scream. She looked around for anyone. Suddenly she saw a boy running through the jungle with a bloodied spear in his hands. Terrified, Carly ran the way the boy had came, and saw a large hole in the ground. She looked in, and screamed. Suddenly, Jax and Christa jumped out of their skin. They heard a scream. They dashed into the jungle, and saw Carly crying on the floor next a large hole. Carly looked up when she heard the two, and pointed to the hole. They looked in, and saw Jareth's body, with blood seaming out of his chest. Jax stayed to comfort his sister, while Christa headed back to the cave. Walking in, she noticed an empty jar on the floor. Bending down to pick it up, a scorpion climbed up her leg and stung her. She passed out.

Annie Tong, with a bow and arrows on her back, and a bottle in her pocket, headed to the river. Collecting the fresh water into her bottle, she heard a rustle of leaves. Terrified, she turned around to see Maximus McDermott and Bart Inkbeard grinning at her. She ran out of the jungle and headed to Christa's cave. The boys closely followed, until she disappeared. They saw a cave, and headed into it. Not believing their luck, they found Christa's unconscious body on the floor. The boys stepped out of the cave, with Bart's club covered in blood. They continued to hunt for the mysterious girl.

Back at the shipwreck, Annie Tong had a long drink, then fell asleep. The only sound on the entire island was the crickets. Bart and Max fell asleep in some long grass, while the other's found shelter and safety, having horrible nightmares as they dozed off. As the moon reached it's highest point, a ship crashed into the island. It's occupants forced onto the island, as the ship vanished. The Lucky Palms kids ran into the jungle.