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Last Coin
Logo Idea 2
Name: Last Coin
Series: Survival Island
Written by: H

Previous chapter: The Hunt
Next chapter: The Plan

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 How ironic, Alexander thought, that the Lucky Palms kids would show up when thing were nearing their worst. He was tempted to kill one of them on the spot, but that wasn't the rules, so they'd live past their arrival. Speaking of their arrival...

Piper froze. It had hit her the instant the spaceship appeared. Their ship, and the one close behind that, were both beginning their first days of the Goth Battles. Her four fellow Lucky Palms contestants had been her friends, and she quickly sized them up. Their chances, their potentials...Her own chances were slim. She knew that. She didn't have the hardheartedness to win either. In that instant, with one quick slice, Piper let go of her own life. Death was unavoidable for her. The one thing that truly impacted her was that Sahan had no chances either. They were both doomed. And Ethan didn't have a chance either. Abrianna's mind could save her. She might be the only one to escape this as a Champion. But for the rest of them, there was nothing. Nothing at all. Looking at the approaching Sunlit Tides ship, she couldn't help but wonder where they'd be in a day.

Penelope Pepper was dancing and singing P!nk. It annoyed her brother Martin, but she didn't care. It was a cruise ship, and it was all hers. Almost, anyway. She'd share a bit with her boyfriend Al. Alastair was certainly lucky to have her, she thought. She was pretty, artistic, clever, and attracted to men with guitars. And in her opinion, she kissed well. Since her father's death, she'd decided to live it up. Much better than simply dropping dead without having had any fun, or sinking into depression like her mother had. And that island up ahead seemed great. There would be a resort there, and luaus, and spas, and salons. But was that really a good place to land? No docks, and some large rocks were there...

The entire ship shook. The captain, looking resigned, herded them out of the ship.