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The Plan
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Name: The Plan
Series: Survival Island
Written by: Blue

Previous chapter: Last Coin
Next chapter: The Fight

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Pearl sat on the makeshift sofa. It was purple and had many stains in it, springs showed in many places. She was looking at all the computers, maybe one time she will be allowed to go on them. There were so many, going on one wouldn't harm.

"So what do you want to do?" Alexander insisted for the 56 time. He sat on a blue swingy chair and span on it.

"You asked me about 75 times this, I don't know," Pearl responded.

"No I asked it for 56th time" proudly said Alexander.

"Fine, have you ever seen a town?" Pearl asked.

"No, but there's always a first," Alexander gleamed. Pearl looked at his smile it looked identical to his father smile. This scared her and also the fact of sneaking out and not being caught and getting killed. "I have always wanted to go, I have some special body suits. Here put one on over there." He pointed to behind a old cupboard. Pearl walked over there, the body suit felt smooth but also gave you the odd electric shock. It was blue and had green slivery lines running through it. There was also a hood which covered her hair and the only part of her body she could see was her face. Even her feet was covered in the suit.

"Hows this going to help us?" exclaimed Pearl.

"Look in the mirror" He replied. Pearl glanced in the mirror she noticed Alexander was fiddling with some buttons on one of his computers. Suddenly her head that was covered turned into long ginger hair, gleaming in the sun. Her attire turned into a short stripy t-shirt and shorts, on her feet were sandals.

Pearl stood in awe, this was amazing. "How did you do this?" She asked puzzled.

"Its quite simple actually, would you like me to explain?" explained Alexander.

"No its fine, but you cans still see our faces," Pearl pointed out.

"Here," Alexander passed a white mask. It was slivery and shone. Little electrical wires passed through it. Alexander pressed a button and her eyes turned deep green and her facial shape changed. She walked around in amazement, she was a completely different person, she could do anything.

"So have you planned where we are going?" She asked.

"Yes, theres nothing stopping us lets go," Alexander said and he pointed a secret door. They ducked down and crawled out in there suits. Alexander dressed as a little child with small brown curly hair and torn clothes and Pearl dressed as a mother. With a long purple summer dress and short hair. Away they crept there was not turning back now...