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The Fight
Logo Idea 2
Name: The Fight
Series: Survival Island
Written by: Jr

Previous chapter: The Plan
Next chapter: Cold

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Annie Tong awoke, startled by a loud noise. Looking out of her shipwreck she saw another ship crashed on some rocks not too far away. Four kids ran out onto the beach. Annie whipped her head to the jungle to see four other kids running and screaming towards the shipwreck.

The Lucky Palms kids were almost at the Sunlit Tides ones. Knowing they had to kill to win, the Sunlit Tides kids ran towards the Lucky Palms kids. Moments later, a huge fight had begun. Penelope Pepper jumped onto Abrianna King's back and forced her towards the ocean. Ethan Tanner started wrestling with Martin Pepper in the sand. Sahan Diwan ran up to Alastair Adams and snapped his neck. Maggie Strong grabbed Sahan's leg and dug her teeth into it. Sahan grabbed Maggie's arms and held her up. She kicked him in the stomach and started strangling him. Martin forced Ethan off him and got up. A spear went through his chest.

Maximus McDermott pulled his spear out of Martin's limp body as Bart Inkbeard arrived. Bart ran up to Penelope, pushed her off Abrianna's back and started drowning her in the ocean. Abrianna ran up to Maggie and flung her off Sahan. Max crept behind Abrianna and shot his spear through her. Sahan ran up to him but Maggie grabbed his legs, making him fall. Bart grabbed Maggie and carried her off to the ocean. Max started fighting Sahan until he killed him. Maggie screamed as Bart held her under the ocean. Max and Bart stared towards the jungle to see Piper Sparks and Ethan running away. Max threw his spear and it sliced through Ethan stomach. Bart ran towards Piper as a thin silver arrow pierced his leg.

Annie fled towards Piper and forced her to follow her into the jungle. Bart ripped the arrow out of his leg and ran after the girls. Max followed. Annie and Piper ran through the jungle, with Max and Bart close behind. Up ahead were Carly and Jax Benton. Carly screamed as Annie and Piper launched them selves through their camp. Annie and Piper fled, leaving Carly and Jax puzzled. Suddenly they knew why. The spear went through Carly before she had the time to scream. Jax's neck was snapped within seconds. Max and Bart continued the hunt.

Annie fled back to her shipwreck, but Piper tripped and fell. Annie kept running as Piper got up. Looking around, she was lost. Annie was gone, and Max and Bart were not far away. Piper climbed a tree as Max and Bart appeared. Grumbling that they lost another one, they started to make a fire. Annie was back at her shipwreck, wondering why she tried to help Piper. She looked out of a broken window to see a huge ship headed right for her. She barely had time to collect her belongings and run out as the ship plowed through her shipwreck. Four kids got out as the ship vanished. Annie ran towards a cave that was jutting out of the sand not too far away.

The Monte Vista kids walked boldly towards the lucious jungle.