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Name: Caught
Series: Survival Island
Written by: Blue

Previous chapter: Cold
Next chapter: Death

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Alexander led the way, a torchlight in his hand and in the other the map of the tunnels. Behind him followed Pearl, looking scared. Her bodysuit stuck to her like clue, at least Alexander couldn't see she was scared. He was too busy trying to find the way out.

The tunnels hadn't been used in decades, there were cobwebs everywhere. The tunnels were used by the rebels after the civil war. After Alexander I took control, some people were unhappy and created the tunnels. A month later they filled it with dynamite, there were 13 of them. One of them untrustworthy, they told Alexander I and they were found out. He killed them all brutally and showed the rest of SimValley. They were all forced to watch it, this was The first time Alexander showed his true self.

"How long left?" Asked Pearl.

"Not long left, just one more turn and walk straight ahead and were there," replied Alex.

Alexander I sat in his chair like normal, he stared at the TV. He wondered what his son was doing, he changed channels to Alexander room. Alexander and Pearl were watching Goth Games. Pearl was crouched in the corner looking terrified at the games, whilst Alexander eyes were glued to the TV. Suddenly they disappeared for a second, "maybe a flicker of light?" thought Alexander. He hit the rewind button and the put it on slow motion . It wasn't a flicker of light, they actually disappeared. They must be a hologram, Pearl must have kidnapped him.

He will do anything to get his son back, no one must know that she managed to kidnap his own son without him realising. People would think him week and unfit to be a king. They would rebel, he will find Pearl and Alexander II. He will kill Pearl horribly and she will pay. Luckily he out attacking devise on his son, now all he had to do was tract him down.