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The Calling
Logo Idea 2
Name: The Calling
Series: Survival Island
Written by: H

Previous chapter: Old Friendships
Next chapter: Aboard

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But there were other matters. Fifty-two letters all had to be signed by Sovereign Alexander I, amongst the paperwork. Alexander picked up one and began his signature.

"Bob, mail for you!" Mags Newbie called to her son. Bob nearly jumped. He'd just been think about the horrible Goth Battles, which were soon to be televised again, and here was his mother saying she had a letter for him. What if it was summons to be a fighter in those awful Battles? Alexander was insane, sending teenagers to an island to fight for food and life. How would that help his reign? Betty Simovitch, Bob's girlfriend, took the letter from Mags and set it on the table. "Looks fancy," she commented. The script on the envelope was elegant, and with horror he saw that it was from Sovereign Alexander himself. "Oh, and Betty?" Mags said, coming back into the room with another letter. "There's something for you, too. Your mother just gave it to me." Shaking, Bob saw the same sender name on Betty's envelope. She opened it, not thinking of what it might be, and gave a happy shout of surprise. "Hey! It's an invitation for a cruise!" Bob opened his more boldly to discover the same thing.

In two other homes in Riverview, two other teenagers received cruise invitations. Barnacle Bay, Hidden Springs, Lunar Lakes, in all four teenagers were invited. Lucky Palms: Sunlit Tides; Monte Vista; Aurora Skies; Sunset Valley; Twinbrook; Bridgeport; Appaloosa Plains; and Moonlight Falls. Fifty-two teenage people, each group of four, would all  be boarding a luxury cruise the next morning.