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Logo Idea 2
Name: Death
Series: Survival Island
Written by: Jr

Previous chapter: Caught
Next chapter: Weapons

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The Monte Vista kids knew they had to find resources and shelter to survive. Khang Seng and Teresa DeLuca ran off into the jungle to find food and water while Hudson Thomas and Rosaria Stefani went to find shelter on the beach. After a while, Rosaria spotted a cave jutting out of the sand. The pair crept towards it, and spotted a girl holding a silver bow drinking out of a bottle. Hudson grabbed a sharp stone, and sprung into the cave. Annie Tong screamed as a boy entered her cave. She reached for her arrows but the boy kicked them away. She noticed the boy held a sharp stone in his hand as he jumped onto her. She tried to hold him off but the boy was much stronger. Annie knew he was going to kill her. That is until a scream sounded outside of the cave. Piper Sparks appeared at the cave entrance holding a dagger drenched in blood. She grabbed Hudson’s neck and plunged the dagger through his chest. Piper helped Annie up and the two headed into the jungle.

Teresa stopped as she heard running water. Slowly she crept towards the sound, with Khang following her closely. Teresa jumped with glee as they approached a smooth, clear stream. They both took a long drink as a stone landed next to Khang. They looked up to see Patty Abe crouching in the long grass, terrified. The ran towards her and grabbed her legs. They dragged her onto the beach, heading for the water. They were almost there when Teresa noticed a girl lying in the sand. She let go of Patty and headed over to the girl. She screamed as she saw it was Rosaria. Her chest was spilling with blood. She saw a cave nearby and headed into it. She nearly fainted when she saw Hudson’s limp body. She ran back to Khang to tell him everything.

Bob Newbie ran towards the beach. He had heard screaming. He tripped and fell, grazing his knee. When he looked up, he saw a girl and a boy drowning a larger girl in the ocean. He took the blade out of the pocket and ran towards them. He was almost at them when a dagger split through the air and sliced through the boy’s head. A second later a gleaming arrow ran through the girl’s chest. Bob knew they were dead. They larger girl got up and ran into the jungle. Bob turned to follow, but another arrow pierced his leg. He turned to see two girls standing before him. Without hesitation he threw his knife.

The blade entered Piper’s stomach before Annie could move. She dropped to the ground, dead in an instant. Bob limped off as fast as he could. She kneeled down to Piper, and carried her body into her cave. She marched into the jungle, with the sense of fury burning in her eyes.

As the moon rose, Maximus McDermott smiled as the Aurora Skies cruise ship headed his way.