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Logo Idea 2
Name: Plans
Series: Survival Island
Written by: Blue

Previous chapter: Weapons
Next chapter: TBA

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Alexander I sat at his desk, his hands nervously tapping on the desk. Beads of sweat pored from his forehead onto his desk. He could easily make a new son and forget this never happened, but what if his son returned, he could look like a fool. He decided to send an elite of spies around all the neighbourhoods, they shall gather all the information there ever is in sim nation. He smiled a big smile, but still felt a bit upset. He had this son for the longest, he felt a bit attached. But feelings showed weakness, all feelings had to be destroyed. Molly sat in makeshift room, the floor had a makeshift rug laid on it. A young fellow entered the room.

"You have news of Alexander I?" She asked.

"Yes, he has lost his son. My spies tell me he is somewhere in this town." He replied, his eyes glinting in the lamp light.

"Could you tract him down?" questioned Molly.

"With the right money, yes. Also he mentioned a girl kidnapping him, should I take her?" replied the young man.

"Yes, she may be useful," grinned molly. She took a bag of money out and handed it out to the man and he walked out. She looked around the room, when the rebellion ends she will be rich and this simple room will be a mere memory. Molly once had children, a young girl. She loved her dearly, they owned a nice house before the civil war. Then Alexander came took everything she loved her children which she was forced to watch die, her husband died whilst trying to stop them go. She had to lose the house, to escape him. Now she will have revenge on him, there was talk of rebellions and revolutions in the blind spots. But she needed Alexander II she could get info out of him, maybe manipulate him to work for her. Or hold him for ransom, the possibilities were endless. But what to do with the girl...