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The New Arrivals
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Name: The New Arrivals
Series: Survival Island
Written by: Jr

Previous chapter: Plans
Next chapter: TBA

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Cassidy Wrede stood at the stern of the Aurora Skies ship. She was enjoying this cruise and loved the cool sea air. Soon, Karen Helgason appeared beside her. The two began talking, but then Cassidy noticed something out of the corner of her eye.

Lisa Bunch was feeling sea sick. She hung on the bars of the railing as hard as she could. Suddenly, someone screamed. Turning around, she saw Holly Alto staring off the front of the ship. Everyone looked forward, to see they were heading towards another ship. Michael Bachelor knew they couldn't turn in time, so he ran to the captain. The others barely had time to run for cover as the ship collided with the other.

Arvid and Edvin Oss were almost thrown of the deck as another ship crashed right into theirs. They saw Cassidy and Karen running towards the railing. They didn't have time to stop them as the girls jumped off. Knowing it was the only way to survive, they jumped too. After swimming for what seemed an hour, they noticed an island in the distance. With new hope, they swam as fast as they could.

Lisa awoke on a strange island. She noticed the others laying beside her, and woke them up. VJ Alvi headed off into a jungle with Holly to find food. Lisa stayed with Michael to find any drift wood they could use for tools. “It’s useless” Michael mumbled. Lisa screamed. Michael ran over to her to see four teenagers swimming through the ocean towards them. They looked angry, so Lisa and Michael fled into the jungle to find Holly and VJ.

Cassidy looked up to see a boy and a girl running into a jungle. “Look, there are others!” she shouted to Arvid, who was ahead of her. Everyone looked up, and were filled with new hope. When they waded onto the beach, they decided to go find those people, and hopefully others as well.

Lisa was running for her life. She didn’t stop to turn around. Only stopping when she was out of breath.. Looking around, she realised she was lost. “Michael!” she called. No answer. She began walking forward, but slipped and tumbled down a steep slope. She blacked out.

It was getting dark. Edvin decided that they all sleep in the trees to be safe. They all climbed up, and soon fell asleep. The island was silent. No one heard the package parachute from the sky. No one heard the ticking from inside.