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Name: Newcomer
Series: Survival Island
Written by: Blue

Previous chapter: Aboard
Next chapter: A Horrifying Arrival

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Pearl Inkbeard stood quietly at the grand hall of Sovereign Alexander I. It was very grand and massive. She thought about all the homeless people in the Simnation and how this very hall could house thousands. She had her suitcase in one hand and in the other the letter sent to her by Alexander calling on her to care for the prince, Alexander II. She worried about her parents and her grandparents and how they would cope without her and Bart. Bart was going on a luxury cruise whilst she was stuck taking care of a prince.

Suddenly Alexander came in and all her thoughts went out the window.

"You must be the new nanny," he said.

"Yes, I have your letter right here, O great Watcher," she replied respectfully, hiding her seething at a man who somehow got 52 teenagers to kill each other in an island.

"Good, good. I have very important rules. First, no filling Alexander's mind with foolish things such as fairy tales, he need solid facts which will help in later life when he's king. Second, follow his timetable correctly, you will see it in his room. Lastly, don't try to befriend him. Understand?"

"Yes, thank you for this for this generous job, sir." 

"This way," Alexander Sr said, showing her to her charge's room.

Alexander II 2

Alexander II working

Pearl walked into Alexander's room, which was filled with books. The floor was oak and there was a bed at the end of the room.The curtains were made out of red velvet. There were no posters on the walls, no color in the room. It didn't look like a child's room, it looked my like an office. She saw Alexander working at his desk. He quickly glanced at her. His face said all, you can see sorrow, pain and loneliness all over it. She felt sorry for this young boy, who did nothing yet was tormented by his own father.

"Hello?" she asked softly, almost afraid to intrude, he looked so fragile.

"Sorry, I can't talk to you, I have to revise the mistakes on the civil war accounts for another 4 hours, see. Look at the timetable," Alexander said, a hint of anguish in his voice. What child would want to study a horror story with their father as the villain?

Alexander II 3

Alexander watching one of the boats

Alexander I was watching the boats sail. The screen then quickly changed to Barnacle Bay. How could that happen? thought Alexander. There was never anything wrong with T.V... Unless... The TV only changed when someone spoke about Alexander in mean way. He glanced again and saw the Goldbeard family. They were shouting at a camera, but how did they know where a camera was? They were shouting about unfairness about how the Inkbeard family won the cruise and not them. Alexander soon thought of what to do. He pressed a green button and soon Kidd Goldbeard got struct by lightning. That stopped them.

Alexanders desk

Was he too harsh? Would Mortimer have done that? Mortimer was his role-model in life. Mortimer only made one mistake in life: marrying Bella, who would eventually just walk into a spaceship and leave them all behind. Nothing got in the way of Mortimer's work, he was successful scientist who discovered the key of immortal life. He also helped build the time-machine. What would Mortimer do now? Alexander looked across his table, there were several buttons.

One of the buttons was very important, when he pressed the button it  would broadcast the Goth games across every TV in SimNation. But he had to be careful, he had to make sure the people were too far out to be rescued, and that no one know how they got there. Then the games would begin...