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Name: Tormented
Series: Survival Island
Written by: Blue

Previous chapter: The Island
Next chapter: Coping

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"Are the Goth games a successs?" Alexander asked his guest.

"Yes, Oh mighty Watcher," Rainflower Ivy replied carefully. Why was he here? What reason did Alexander have in bringing him to the fortress? It occurred to him that for now, he was probably better off not knowing.

"Have you watched them?"

"Yes, with my family. We watch it every day at 6:00, to see who has died and the highlights."

"Of course you do, it's the law. Do you have a child in it?"


"Do you have any children?"

"Yes, two. My daughter Daydream and my son Peanut." Rainflower was starting to get scared. The last thing he wanted was to have a conversation about his children with a psychopathic king.

"Isn't a shame they aren't in it?" This was the moment Alexander was looking forward to in the conversation. He hated seeing close families especially the hippie types who were kind and caring. What kind of name was Rainflower? Now his guest was trapped; whichever answer he gave his children would die."Isn't it?" Alexander pressed.

"Yes, it's a shame."

"Well that can easily be repaired. There is an empty island to the south. I will put them there," Alexander said with a smile. 

Suddenly Rainflower got on his knees and begged.


Alexander had been waiting for this moment. Now he could destroy this family and make them all suffer.

"Ok, why don't take you and your wife into this room and we can discuss it."

"Thank you, Oh great watcher, you are truly magnificent."

Alexander pressed a button and Annalove appeared in the room. They hugged each other and he lead them into a small room. There were two special chairs. They both sat on one. Instantly they were chained to the chair and there face was held in a position. Alexander came up and pressed a button, which made little metal wires came out and went on to their eyes. To make sure they never closed, not even to blink. Annalove screamed.

"You monster, what have done to me and Rainflower?" she shrieked.

"He asked me to, didn't you?" Alexander replied.

"Rainflower, is that true?"

"Annalove, he said he was going to kill our children instead, so I asked him to take me instead. I didn't know he would just kill us both," Rainflower cried in anguish.

"You think that's what I'm doing? I sent your kids to a different Island. They will fight to the death and you will watch them." He clicked a button and huge screen came out, showing one child on one half of the screen and the other on the other half. He knew that the close brother and sister would never kill each other, so naturally, their minds were being controlled. What better way to suffer than watch your children die? Now to check on the heir to the throne, Alexander's clone-son.

He went back to the office and switched the TV on. He changed the TV to Alexanders room and watched what he was doing. He was doing his homework while his nanny was writing. Good. He was glad they didn't interact. If someone has a place in your heart, they can walk away and leave nothing but a hole.

He had had a girlfriend a lot older than him and she also broke his heart, just like Lucy Burb. Her name was Angela Pleasant. The girl who broke Alexander's heart for the second and last time.

Why did I date her, was I desperate? thought Alexander. He knew the reason, much as he didn't like it: he had had a crush on her. She was the prettiest and sweetest girl in the school. He was the ugliest and nerdiest boy. He later found out that he was nothing but an instrument of revenge: Angela had dated him to get back at her ex-boyfriend, Dustin Broke. He had broken up with her, thinking that he could do better. Angela wanted to show she had put him on the same level as a geek, to get back at him. She dated him for a week, until Angela got back with Dustin without a thought of Alexander.

Alexander got fed up with not being popular, everyone treating him like dirt, especially Angela and Dustin. He decided to kill them, slowly and painfully. He locked them in separate rooms next to each other with only a small barred window to see each other. He left there for a month, and no one saw them again...