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Name: Prologue
Series: Survival Island
Written by: Blue

Previous chapter: None
Next chapter: Old Friendships

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There once was a land not ruled by the Watcher, not observed by the Watcher, not controlled by the Watcher: Simnation. Simnation was a pleasant country with only simple disputes. Until Alexander Goth came from his future to conquer the past.

Alexander Goth sought to ruin the childhood of his mother the way she ruined his by leaving with alien creatures. He took his electronic weapons and came to her quiet past, quickly taking over and calling himself "The Watcher" after a medieval god who saw all and controlled all. He made his kind, gentle mother suffer by punishing everyone. He would invite four teenagers from thirteen towns to a luxury cruise. Many would not return, and their plight would be watched by all who were not on the ship. Only the strong, the smart, and the quick would survive.

Welcome to the Goth Battles.