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Witch Spellbook
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Season 1Edit


Naomi Nita-The main Character

Mom and Dad-Naomi's Parents

Pappy Wolff-Founder

Ayden Van Gould-Founder

Crumplebottom sisters-Witches




Lucky Green-Naomi's crush

Chapter 1: The MoveEdit

Naomi never wanted to move, her parents made her. They said "We don't trust you in that brick-slab of a town lucky palms, you know bad stuff always happens in the dessert!" So they made her move to their favorite vacation town, Moonlight Falls.


Naomi:Egh! why do you guys like this boring town!"

Mom:Because it's beautiful, I mean look at the Mountains!!!!"

Dad:Plus since I know at your age you like to party, there are a few clubs here."

Mom:Like the ToadStool, where we met."

Naomi:Eeew! That club is for Old people!"

Dad:Listen young lady you are movng here whether you like it or not!"

Naomi:Fine, but I want a house that's decent, and none of these Frogs of a house's everywhere!"

Mom:Don't worry we got you an architect, if you can't find a modern house"

Naomi:Thanks !"

Chapter Two: The Perfect HouseEdit

After a few months Naomi's house is complete!, with aModern look, but still fits in with the town, a zombie-proof basement, and a nice backyard. Naomi is ready to survive a whole new landscape!


Naomi: Ok, the first night here."


Dad:Well we'll see you on are vacations"


Mom:Bye SugarPlum"

Naomi:Bye Mom and Dad"

Mom:Enjoy the town"

Naomi:Well Iguess it's time to explore"

Naomi visits all the clubs and decides to stay and Party at the Red Velvet Lounge. She Leaves at 11:57 and Stays up a few Hours. Then goes to bed at 2:00 AM

Chapter Three: SecretsEdit

Naomi wakes up goes downstairs, and gets some breckfast. Then going with her urge to check the history of this town she discovers that someone cut off her internet connection."Oh come on! why am I soo paranoid?"So she decides to go to the internet place and asks then to fix her connection"Don't Ma'am we'll be right on it."


Naomi:Thanks you sir."

Internet Man:Are you new to town?"


Internet Man(In a creepiesh tone)Well welcome to Moonlight Falls!"


Naomi goes to her house to find that they restored her internet alredy

Naomi:Wow, but when that guy said Welcome To Moonlight Falls it gave me a chill."

Naomi goes on her laptop and goes to the Moonlight Falls Website, and it says Moonlight Falls is a town unlike any other with its towering falls, foggy hills, and mysteries that lurk around every corner. The neighborhood families all have rich histories and hidden secrets from the spell-slinging Crumplebottom sisters to the plasma-deprived Van Goulds. With tons of new venues to visit and collectibles to find, Moonlight Falls is full of activities for every Sim.

Naomi: Oh my Zombie Uprising!"

Chapter 4:Day of the Full MoonEdit

Naomi is shocked about the description of the town. "So this town has Witchs and Vampire's???!!!" Naomi was starting to click on the [other information] button when the laptop shut off.Naomi was getting frusturated.


Naomi:I'm starting to think someoe doesn't want me to know this towns secret."

All of a sudden the door bell rings and makes Naomi jump

Naomi: I'M COMING!"

(Naomi opens the door)

CrumpleBottom Sisters: Hello, and welcome to town!"


Naomi:What are your names?"

Crumplebottom Sisters:Beatrice, Belinda, and Bianca, what is your name?"


CrumpleBottom Sisters:What a pretty name, Oh yeah don't miss the full moon tonight!"


Naomi takes a nap then a shower, and eats lunch and then she takes a walk.

Chapter Five:Full MoonEdit

So during Naomi's walk she heard at least six people say "Don't miss the Full Moon". When she got home she wondered how she was going to miss the full mon, and why it was sooo important. Later Naomi was watching a zombie-survival show when the pizza delivery guy rang the door-bell.


Pizza Guy:Here's your pizza, that'll be $14

Naomi:Thanks,why 14 dollars?"

Pizza Guy: I don't know, Don't miss the Full Moon."

Naomi: What's so great about the full moon?"

(Naomi Blinks and He's gone)

Naomi:Uh... Hello?"

A few hours pass by and it's sunset. Naomi goes downtown.The Full Moon starts to rise, and Naomi see's people running into their houses.


Naomi:Hello where did everyone go?"

Citizen: Get Inside!!!!!"

Chapter Six: ZombiesEdit

Naomi started to get scared, since everyone was hiding. She was alone in the dark, when she started to walk home.

All of a sudden she heard a groan, and then a braaaaaaiiiinnnssss.


Naomi: Oh my gosh......."



Naomi runs to her house as fast she can, and when she gets home her power cuts off

Naomi:Great now I can't call for help!'


Naomi:Aah! Ok I need to go to my basement."

Naomi uses the power generater to get power in her survival basement. Then she calls her parents, but they don't anwser

Naomi: Great, I'm going to die!'

Zombie: Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnssssssssssss!"

Naomi:Shut Up!!!!'

Zombie: Uuuuuuurrrrrrrrr uuuuuuuuuuuuu aaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrruuuuuuuuuuut uuuuuuurrrrrrrrrp!"

Naomi: Please don't be in are house!"

Naomi:Ok how do I waste waste time?"

A few hours pass and Naomi falls asleep. She wakes up at 11:28am

Chapter Seven: DaylightEdit

After a night of nightmare's Naomi wakes up "Good i'm still alive". She checks the rest of the town and finds that everything is the same. Naomi decides to eat out at a diner.


Naomi:I'll have a double ham burger with ketchup only, fries, and a medium pepsi."

Worker: Ok that'll be 6:75$"

Naomi:Here you go"

Worker: Your'e food will be done in a Jiffy!!"

Beatrice walks into the diner


Naomi:Hi Beatrice!, what are you doin?"

Beatrice:Getting Breakfast."

Worker:Naomi you're food's ready

Naomi:Thanks,How do you know my name?

Naomi sits down eats half of her burger. Then drinks her pepsi "Hmmmm this tastes.. really.. umm... wierd..." All of a sudden a flashing white light surrounds Naomi, thenit covers the whole diner. When the light fades everyone is gone except 7 Naomi look-alikes and a Worker at the Diner.

Chapter Eight: SuperNaturalEdit

Naomi wakes up on her living room couch, and Belinda wakes up on naomi's coffee table. Belinda wakes up and then wakes Naomi up, "Naomi wake up!!!!". Naomi just snores "NAOMI!!!!!!". Naomi still just snores, then Belinda gets a frying pan and hits Naomi.


Naomi:OOOOOoooooow!!!!! that hurt!!!"

Belinda:Sorry I had to do it!"

Naomi:What happened?"

Belinda:I don't know maybe someone combined a sleep and teleportation spell and cast it on us!"

Naomi:Why would some one do that?"

Belinda:I don't know, probably one of those prankster witches!?!"

Naomi:Wait I need to say, we never told eachover are last names!?"

Belinda:Mine is CrumpleBottom!"

Naomi:What! so you're a witch!"


Naomi:Mine is Nita!"

Naomi and Belinda have a sleepover, and Belinda shows Naomi some safe spells.

Finale: BeatingEdit

A few days pass and Naomi is starting to uncover more secrets of the town. She meets more friends like the GoodFellow, Wolff, Crumplebottom, and Green families. She is starting to get used to the place, and maybe starting to like it.


Naomi heads to her crush's house

Naomi:Hey Lucky!"

Lucky:Hey Naomi, why are you here?"

Naomi:Will you go on a date with me?"


Naomi: Yay!!! How about tonight at 5:00?"

Lucky:Works for me."

A few hours pass and Naomi is heading to her date which Lucky finally calls and tells her.

Naomi:Ok so at Varg's Tavern and then a picnic at La Shove Beach!"

Lucky:That's the plan."

A few hours pass and it's almost the end of the date, Naomi and Lucky are at La Shove Beach

Lucky:I need to tell you something."


Lucky:Since this date was a huge success, I need to tell you that.... um..... im..... a werewolf."


Lucky:Really your not freaked out."

Naomi:I don't want one of those normal people."


A few hours pass of Naomi thinking. Then the news came on

NEWS:Lady of the name Noami commits vandalizim at La Shove Beach

Naomi: Huh? she looks just like me and I was just..'

Naomi:I'm confused."