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t3h 1337 family
Name t3h 1337 family
Number of generations 3 generations
The Sims 3 Logo
T3h1337 3
Members T-EVO t3h 1337, SNOVA-GTFO t3h 1337, BaseET t3h 1337, Base t3h 1337
Lot 310 Cypress Lane
Difficulty level Difficulty3
Other Information
Game TS3 Icon The Sims 3
Neighborhood Riverview

The t3h 1337 family is a family created by Gawsfbet. They consist of T-EVO, his wife SNOVA-GTFO and their sons BaseET and Base. 

They are a middle-class family living in Riverview. They moved there from a very distant country, same as the the Fail family. They all have weird names because the citizens of the country they moved from all have names like that.


t3h 1337: Leetspeak for "the leet", or "the elite".
-TAW-: An ancient tribe that was based in K14, World 35 Tribal wars. Formed through the merge of 3 more ancient tribes (I think).
T-EVO: They were -TAW- members who formed a new tribe and became part of the -EVO- family. Later broke off relations with -EVO- and merged with 2 other tribes SNOVA and GTFO to form the BaseET family.
SNOVA-GTFO: Named after 2 tribes SNOVA and GTFO that was based around K4 and K14; they merged with T-EVO afterward.
BaseET: Formed through the merge of T-EVO, SNOVA and GTFO, they were the underdogs in most of their wars and won most of the time.
Base: Academy tribe of BaseET.

Family tree

If someone could help me make one just like the ones on the premade families' pages, that would be great :D


  • -TAW- t3h 1337- (Deceased)
  • T-EVO t3h 1337
  • SNOVA-GTFO t3h 1337
  • BaseET t3h 1337
  • Base t3h 1337