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Tantalos family
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From the myth of Homeros, the characters of the Greek war against Troy revive. The once so proud, brave king Agamemnon is very depressed after his wife Klytaemnestra left him. Menelaos is rather concerned about his wife Helena, who is robbed. Will this situation burst out to war?
Name Tantalos family
Members Agamemnon Tantalos, Klytaemnestra Tantalos, Elektra Tantalos, Iphigeneia Tantalos, Chrysothemis Tantalos, Orestes Tantalos, Menelaos Tantalos, Helena Tantalos, Hermione Tantalos
Number of generations 2 (so far) generations
Other Information
Game TS3 Icon The Sims 3
Playability Playable
Neighborhood Greece
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The Tantalos Family is based on the stories of Homeros and Vergilius about the Troyan war. This family lives in Ancient Greece: in reality, Agamemnon was the king of Mycene and Menelaos king of Sparta, but in my game they live all together in two big mansions.

Agamemnon was first married to the insane and nymphomanical Klytaemnestra. When the Troyan war broke out, he left her with his four kids for ten years to fight against king Priamos in Troy. When he came home, Klytaemnestra was in a relationship with Algisthos Portokalos. The once so proud Agamemnon became terribly depressed. Luckily he got a lot of support from his oldest daughter Elektra, who want to kill Klytaemnestra for what she had done to her family. Chrysothemis rather chooses the side of her mother, that's why Elektra and Chrysothemis can't stand each other. The youngest child, Orestes, is in the middle of his two fighting sisters. His twin sister Iphigeneia is sacrified in the myth, but in my game she died in a fire when she was a toodler.

Menelaos and Helena were the cutest couple in the world, until Paris robbed Helena. Menelaos now lives with his daughter Hermione, waiting for his wife to return.