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"Fountain" is the third episode of The Sims Saga, and the first episode of Taylor's Story.


Taylor's house was not much. The architect had to build it on a hill, and he also seemed to have left a bit of space vacant. But Taylor was fine with this. It was basically the same size as other apartments, he thought, and he could surely try to make it bigger. After all, he did want a family eventually.

It was a Saturday, and Taylor was just at home, practicing his writing. The paper didn't open until Monday, so he had some time to prepare. Eventually, he got a headache from writing and he decided to hit up the park.

Taylor lived on the other side of the lake, but from where he was, he never saw anything. on the other side. as the taxi drove him to the other side. He appreciated the whole "folk town" feeling, but he did not like that ugly tall building. I mean, he thought, who thought that was a good idea?

Taylor reached the park, and sat on the first bench he saw. The bench was facing the fountain that shot up to the sky. This is nice, he thought. No views of that ugly building...

Taylor decided to attempt to write a story. He always wanted to do one as a child in Bridgeport, but of course, he was always occupied with work. He pulled up his laptop and sat there. He needed a title. If he didn't, he'd forget later. Eventually, he decided on the name "Swamp Fountain", a story about a little kid who is trying to clean the town's fountain. He decided on this after seeing a little kid running into the fountain, whose pants looked mossy. This is what the story went:

"Trees. Trees surrounded the city. There were many different types. Simcamores, Sixam ferns, and Redwoods. In said city, they loved the trees. Until fall. All the trees shed their clothes, and the town was chest deep in leaves! Everybody was disgusted. Those trees stood there, naked with their branches out, and the Sims got all itchy. So they gave up. Everybody left towards Burland, and this city eventually was branches all around.

But there was a fountain. The fountain seemed to be the last place in town. It was all that was left, an abandoned fountain that always kept running. And running. Eventually..." he stopped there. This would be just like that awful biography I read... disgusting.

"What are you doing there? Something don't seem right about your emotions." A little girl with red hair asked. Taylor nearly dropped his laptop.

"Uhh... hey..." Taylor raised his hand. "Who are you?"

"I'm Theodosia. That's T-H-E-O-D-O-S-I-A." She smiled to him with her almost-complete teeth.

"I'm.. uh... Taylor." Theodosia reached out her hand.

"I like to say hi to the new people. I come here after school sometimes, but I like going with my friends too."

"Where are your parents?" Taylor asked. "You know... stranger danger.

"Oh, over there." She answered. "They are calling. My friend may live with us. Sisters!"

"Oh." Taylor said. "You seem happy."

"Yeah... I'm just scared. I can trust you, right?"

"Uh... Can you?" Taylor didn't know what to say. That girl just met her.

"Okay, here goes... She might have to leave. She don't know how long her daddy will be in the hospital, because he had an accident. She's sick too, but they said she's fine."

"Sorry. Where might she go?" Taylor tried to ask.

"Moonlight Shores." Taylor looked like she was going to cry. "She's told me she don't want to go there. It has... people..." She immediately seemed to change when she saw the laptop. "Do you have any racing games?"

"I had this one called Plum Racers, but it's at home. I just began writing a story about that fountain over there."

"Oh, I love stories! My parents loved books. There's this one about a guy who accidentally caught on fire. But he don't get hurt!" Somebody called for Theodosia. "Bye, come back often! I want to read it!" And Thedosia ran off into the distance.

"Don't mix don't with doesn't!" He yelled, not sur

"What an interesting character." He said outloud. He packed his stuff and drove back home to write a couple more chapters.