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Ran Away
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That Family
Name: That Family
Created by: MysteryCookieLover
Number of chapters: 1

Status: In Progress

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'That Family' is a multi-generation fanon describing the life of the CAS Ichabod family.

The story is set in The Sims 2 Pleasantview and later, Sim State University. A neighborhood filled with love and happy families, and also with jealousy and hatred.

Main CharactersEdit

  • Mutt Ichabod: CAS Sim with the Knowledge Aspiration and the Lifetime Want to reach a Golden Anniversary.
  • Shona May: Mutt's wife, with the Popularity Aspiration and the Lifetime Want to have 20 Simultaneous best friends.
  • Daniel Ichabod: Mutt and Shona's first-born son, with the Knowledge Aspiration and the Lifetime Want to max out 7 skills.

Chapter 1: Gen 1, Mutt's POVEdit

Mutt gazed up at the apartment that they stood in front of. To his right was his new wife, Shona. The two had been high school sweethearts and Mutt's love for the girl beside him was as strong as it was before.

Shona was greeted by the landlord, an older woman who introduced herself as Jasmine Delaware. The kind woman showed the couple all four apartments, and in the end they went with the cheapest one. They didn't have much money to work with anyway.

Shona added her own personal touches to the apartment while Mutt cooked the three their lunch. Occasionally, he looked up and saw Shona hanging their college diplomas, placing the flowers he gave her on their first date on the table, jumping on the new couch to wear it out a bit. Mutt remembered the days when she was that one girl that all the other girls envied, the Reigning Queen of the school. She showed herself to people as a vain, selfish brat, and everyone thought of her as that. But no one else was at Charisma Class, where she showed the kindness that was now reflected on her bright smile.

He finished the grilled cheese sandwiches and served a plate to everyone. He didn't like grilled cheese much, but he knew it was Shona's favourite. And judging by how fast Jasmine finished her sandwich, Mutt guessed it was her favourite, too.

After 10 minutes of sitting around the table sharing their college tales, Shona got up and started towards the bedroom. "Mutt, can you come in here for a minute?" Mutt excused himself and followed her.

He entered the room. It was a small bedroom, with just enough space for a double bed and a closet, maybe a sitting area in that random little space in the corner. The lights were dimmed. Mutt looked around the room, but Shona was nowhere to be seen.

Behind him, he heard the door shut and a lock click. He turned to find Shona leaning against the door, one of the straps of her pretty little dress sliding down her shoulder.

* One Year Later *

Mutt got out of the carpool and waved to his co-worker, Ivy Copur. He just got back from his new job as a scatmaster - a specialist in animal droppings. Not exactly the most glamorous job, he thought, but it'll be worth it.

Shona had stayed home from work to care for their 4-month-old son, Daniel. As she was only a bit player in the film industry, it didn't matter much. When Mutt walked in to their apartment, Shona was trying to teach Daniel to talk, but he kept trying to go to his favourite toy xylophone. Shone shook her head and laughed softly, smiling at Daniel with such motherly love that Mutt couldn't resist running up to her and giving her a hug.

The apartment was improved greatly. Because Jasmine and Shona were such great friends, she lowered the rent for the young family. This gave them more money to upgrade the appliances, buy better furniture, and give Daniel the toys that he wanted. He only ever played with the xylophone, though.

Mutt let go of Shona and, after quietly sneaking up on him, scooped up Daniel and threw him in the air. Daniel screamed in fright but was easily caught again, and when he saw Mutt's face, he giggled that cute baby-giggle. Shona scolded him lightly for scaring Daniel, but then kissed his cheek and went to get leftover sandwiches for their lunch.

Life was good for the Ichabods.

Chapter 2: Gen 1, Shona's POV