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The 14 Days: A Survivor's Diary
14 Days
Name: The 14 Days: A Survivor's Diary
Genre: Horror
Created by: Rizkirafu
Number of chapters: 14 (one-shot)

Original run: 05/10/16
Status: Completed (one-shot)

Succeeded by: -

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The 14 Days: A Survivor's diary is a horror fan fiction created by rizkirafu. The story takes place in a post-apocalyptic world. A terrible plague has swept the eastern part of the United States, turning almost everyone into a mindless cannibalistic monsters.

The story focuses into a survivor named Luke Sunderland and his point of view about the outbreak.

Day 1Edit

May 16th

My name is Luke Sunderland. I am a college student of an University in New York. This is the first time I write something in a diary. My first story will sounds bizarre. You know, some crazy stuffs happened today.

It was 04.30 P.M when I took my girlfriend, Karina to watch a baseball match.

When the match about to started, I remember, there was a man who suddenly trespassed into the field. I don’t know how to describe him but, he looked pale. The referee attempted to shoo him but, an unexpected thing happened...

The man attacked the referee, bitting his arm. The referee screamed in pain. His flesh getting ripped apart. The unknown man ate the flesh from referee’s arm, he looked enjoying it. We watched it in horror. The referee then collapsed due to a massive blood loss. Luckily, one of the player hit him with his baseball bat right on his head, causing the unknown man to collapsed.

We thought that the unknown man was just passing out. Until we found that he didn't breathe anymore. He died. He didn't had any I.D and he also looked like a homeless man.

I remember that his condition was really strange. It appeared that he had skin irritation or, I don’t know, his skin just like already been rotten or something.

The police and ambulance came...

Both the injured referee and the unknown man were taken to the hospital.

After that, I brought Karina back home. She looked horrified, she asked me to stay with her. But I promised her that she would be alright...

Day 2Edit

May 17th.

I don’t know what to say, but, today Karina suddenly called me. She said that some “strangers” attacked her house. I couldn't understand what she said because of the noise. What I remember that she was crying and her call suddenly interrupted.

I quickly ran into my car and heading to her house. Once I arrived, I rushed in and... oh God, it was so terrible. Karina and her family were already killed. Their body was EATEN by those strangers.

Horrified, I ran outside, only to saw more of these “creatures” attacking everyone on their sight. Oh God, I hoped it was just a dream.

I ran in to my car and drove back to my house, hoping that my family was fine...

After arriving in my house, I saw my parents and sister were already packing our belongings, waiting for me. My dad approached me, I can remember what he said.

“Son, we must leave this town as soon as possible, the situation will getting worse”.

“What happened?” I asked.

“It spreads fast” my father answered.

However, I couldn't understand what my father mean with “spreads fast”. I asked what he was talking about but my dad ignored my question and ordered me to enter the car.

My father was driving. He then turned the radio on. I can remember the broadcast.

Apparently, an unknown pathogen ravaged the eastern part of the United States. Now it reached New York. Many people had been infected with the virus and transformed into a sort of zombie-like creatures with cannibalistic trait. It just like what happened in horror movies.

The science community even claimed that the virus was probably airborne...

I remember that my father said the military would evacuate us in the Brooklyn Bridge...

Along the way, I saw many people slaughtered by the “Infected”. We even hit one of those monsters.

To make matter worse, our car crashed with a truck. I didn't really remember how but that truck suddenly appeared before us.

I was unconscious, only God knows for how long until I awakened by Sasha, my sister. We survived, but our parents... They were dead.

We only had a little time to mourn our parents...

I quickly took Sasha out from the car. I ran as fast as I could while holding my sister. I knew that some Infected were chasing us.

I ran in to an alley but unfortunately, it was a dead end.

I counted there were four of them before us. I hold my sister tight, hoping someone would help us.

However, I then heard a gunshot. A woman in police uniform saved us. She shot those zombies death, saving us.

Her name was Julia. She told me that the evacuation was failed since the Infected had raid the Brooklyn Bridge, killing almost everyone.

Julia then took us to her cruiser, she took us to a nearby police station where she worked. There were also many people who survived from the carnage.

And now, we and other survivors lived inside the police station waiting for official instruction from the government.

Day 3Edit

May 18th.

My sister Sasha was still in shock. Julia and I brought her to a psychiatrist named Dr. Abraham. The doctor said that our parents’ death and witnessing people slaughtered gave my sister trauma. I almost cried, I hoped my parents were here, but their body might had been devoured by those creatures.

Or maybe, they already turned into one of them...

Day 4Edit

May 19th

Some adults decided to went out to searching for food and medicine supplies. Julia gave them weapons to defend themselves from the Infected. I remember there were five volunteers who risked their life to went outside.

They went for 3 hours and you know what? only two of them returned to the camp.

Day 5Edit

May 20th

It appeared that my sister recovered. Thank God that there were children in the camp and Sasha became fast friend with them. I was so happy to see my sister’s smile again.

Day 6Edit

May 21st

I accompanied Julia to went outside to find a medicine for a sick elder in the outpost. When we arrived in the drug store, we met a girl named Claire hiding in the store. Even though there was an argument, Julia managed to convince Clarie to join us in the outpost.

We were lucky we didn't encounter any Infected today...

Day 7Edit

May 22nd

With four others, I decided to volunteer to find more food supplies for us. I armed with a hunting rifle. When we entered a supermarket, we saw a woman attacked by some Infected. The woman was already bitten. I wanted to help, but Randy, one of my partners, convinced me to ignore her since it was already late for her...

Day 8Edit

May 23rd

Sasha asked me to brought her back home. She was getting homesick. But I convinced her to stay since it was dangerous out there.

Day 9Edit

May 24th

We finally got a broadcast from the U.S Government. They claimed that Pennsylvania, Ohio, Virginia, and almost entire nations in the eastern part of U.S already fell to the infection. I don’t what to say after hearing this news.

Was the virus really airborne just like the science community claimed? If that so, many of us in this camp might be infected as well... But, I hope not.

At the end of the broadcast, we learned that the military would return for a second evacuation attempt. They claimed they've built a “safe zone” to shelter us. We were happy to heard that, except my sister. She told me that she wanted to go home instead. But I convinced her that she would got some new friends in the “safe zone”.

Day 10Edit

May 25th

One of us was infected!

This guy, named Mr. Cruz suddenly attacked his own wife. Julia noticed that Mr. Cruz already “turned” and shot him death. Mr. Cruz’s wife was bitten, she knew that she would turned as well. She beg Julia to shot her before she turned.

Julia brought her to a cell in second floor.

After three minutes, Julia returned with her gun still on her arm. I swear that I could saw tears shed from her eyes. Yeah, I could understand that, it was really hurt loosing your parents... Especially when they died by your own hand.

Day 11Edit

May 26th

Our camp was no longer saved. Three more people were “turned” today. Just like what we feared, the virus was AIRBORNE!

We decided to went separated since we no longer could trust each other. However, me and my sister decided to join Julia, even though we must kept an eye on each other as precaution if one of us getting infected.

We now stay at Julia’s house...

Day 12Edit

May 27th

Sasha was getting sick. Julia and I decided to went out to find some medicines for her. It was raining outside. When arrived in drug store, there were several Infected inside. One of them was Randy, the guy from the old camp. It seemed he was bitten a moment after leaving the camp. Julia and I could took care them though. Julia and I decided to gave a proper burial for Randy as well.

We were able to took some medicines. However, when we returned home, my nightmare just begun.

Sasha was “turned”. My sister had already infected. I was shocked, I couldn't said anything. My sister attacked and attempted to bite me. I was calling for her name several times, hoping she would recognize me. But it was no use...

Later, I heard a gunshot. My sister’s head exploded. Julia shot her in front of my eyes. I was stunned for a moment. And later, I screamed...

We then buried my sister in the backyard. I couldn't stop crying.

My entire family was gone... I’m alone now.

Day 13Edit

May 28th

I had been bitten...

Yes, I had beeen bitten by one of those f***ers!

I just went outside to checked the neighborhood in the morning. It was so quiet. I walked to a house next to Julia’s, hoping I could find food or anything else. The front door jammed, so I entered the house from the window.

I arrived in the kitchen. What a coincidence I thought. I opened the refrigerator and found some chocolate bars and a soft drink. When I was about to went outside, he suddenly appeared before me. A male Infected—the house owner I assumed—suddenly appeared and bite my arm. I grabbed a knife on the table and stabbed that f***er to the death.

I quickly jumped out and ran back to Julia’s house.

Well... This is the last time I’m writing on my diary because I knew I will be “turned” soon and Julia will shoot me in my head.

But at least, I will meet my family again...

For Julia, please, bury my body next to my sister’s grave

Day 14Edit

May 29th

My name is Julia Cruz.

I couldn't believe that Luke was infected and he didn't even told me. I just entered his room and found that he already turned He attacked me and I shot him. I then read what he wrote in this diary before he died. A note for me...

Yeah, I did buried him next to his sister’s grave. I felt sorry for him, but at least, he might be happy that he finally reunited with his family in the afterlife.

After I gave him a proper burial, I heard a sound of helicopter. I assumed that the military was finally came to rescue the survivors. I took some supplies and quickly entered my police cruiser. I turned on the radio and got a broadcast.

The military would picked us up in the Central Park. At least that was what they claimed...

I finally arrived in the Central Park...

After parking my car, I walked to the park area. But something was wrong...

The soldiers... They didn't here to save us. I swear that I saw with my own eyes that they shot the survivors, one of them was Claire, the girl I and Luke rescued and brought to the camp several days earlier!

I realized that the government and the military were fooling us. I assumed that they wanted to stop the infection by killing everyone who still lived in the infection zone.

I ran as fast I can returned to my cruiser.

But, it appeared they noticed my presence. Their helicopter chased after me, shooting at me with their mounted machine gun. I drove my car into a road full of Infected, hitting them one by one. The helicopter was still chasing me.

I drove my car until I arrived in Brooklyn bridge. There, a military tank already waiting for me...

I felt helpless... I thought I would die.

I decided to face my fate. I went out from the car with my hands up.

The soldiers approached me. They aimed their rifles on me. One of them examined my entire body. They took of my bandage on my left shoulder... My bite mark was exposed.

The soldiers were surprised, they didn't shot me, but asked me how long since I was bitten instead. I told them I had been bitten since May 16th, the first outbreak...

The soldiers then made a call to their superiors in their base. They then took me with them. They told me that my blood would be examined to developed a cure since they realized I’m an immune...

I learned that the science community made a theory that there might be survivors who immune to the virus, but the government's official doubted with their theory. And now, their theory turned out to be true.

I got mixed feelings about this. I might escape from the town, but now, I’m imprisoned here, in the military base. I'm now become a sort of guinea pig for their experiment in their attempt to find a cure...