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The Alien Tests, Test One

The Perfect Project.

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In progress, not yet finished, still writing.

About the Story Edit

This sci-fi adventure story was created by GeniiGenius one night when drawing aliens.

It's the first instalment in The Alien Tests series. It's Test One, The Perfect Project. This test is the aliens' attempt at creating a perfect race.

Layout ·Important!· Edit

This story is divided into four sections, each section is divided into two halves. Each half has four chapters, and an introduction or ending depending on whether it's the first part or the second part. Each part focuses on a Subject. Each introduction or ending focuses on the aliens. For example:

·Section One, Part One focuses on Subject One.

·Section One, Part One focuses on Subject Two.

·Section Two, Part One focuses on Subject Three.

I'm not going to be creating a character page until I'm sure that people are reading it and enjoying it.

Information  Edit

I'd really appreciate it if you could give me your feedback on the story. Suggestions are also appreciated. If you spotted a spelling or grammar mistake please tell me, except if something is spelled the UK way and you spell stuff the American way, then don't point out the mistake.

I have a bad habit of starting stories and not finishing it. So I'll try to finish this one. If I do, I might create another story in the series, if I don't finish this one, I won't create another story.

I'm going to list the goals for this story, then I'll put down the prologue.

Goals Edit

·Reach 10/20/50 comments!

·Finish the first section.

·Finish two sections.

·Finish the whole thing!

·Become Featured Fan fiction!

·Make a cover.

Prologue Edit

"Are you sure that's her?"

The two creatures-aliens-looked at the big screen which was displaying a young woman. Her every move was being recorded. Not that she was moving a lot. She was asleep on her bed, so tired from her trip from university back to home. She was back from her sophomore year at university.

"The Mother is sure."

The aliens spoke in a different language. It sounded like clicking and nails scraping against wood.

"Her hair though....are you sure it's fully black? Her eyes? Are they pure blue? The Mother wouldn't be happy if we made a mistake."

The other alien growled. 

"Yes, I'm sure. The Mother wouldn't be happy if she thought you were questioning her judgement. I hope you aren't questioning it. You're not? Good. Now, pull the lever. We have to take her to the ship. Inject her. Wipe her memory. You got that? Good. Pull the lever."

The other alien pulled the lever, sending out a beam invisible to the naked human eye to take the girl to the ship. A few minutes later, the girl was on the medical bed, ready for injections. An alien bent down and got to work.

"Are the others asleep?"

"Definitely. The drugs should start to work soon. Their memory should be gone, and soon the other injection should start to take it's course."

"They'll sleep for the whole time, right?"

"For the whole six months."

"Good, good. Well done. The Mother will be pleased."