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The Alto Family, Nick, Vita, and Holly, visit Nick's distant relative Bert Alto in Hidden Springs. There, the family is trying to have a vacation, but trouble stirs up in the family's Hidden Spring's branch and Nick is forced to go there. However, when he enters the division manager's office, he meets Olivia Prince, the beautiful secretary of the division manager. He is immediately infatuated with this beautiful woman, whom he believes could become a fashion model. However, he has other plans for her...

Nick Alto is bored with his family life. He married his wife Vita just so his company could have political leverage. But when his company became so successful that he no longer needed Vita, there was nothing left for him to keep him married to her except for publicity reasons, and was forced to stay married to her. His daughter Holly was a bitter disappointment, and it pained him even more when she couldn't even get an A in school and began dating VJ Alvi, a school floozie who came from a poor family and was obviously in love with his best friend Lisa but was dating Holly for her money. He decided that he would get Olivia and make her his mistress when he went back to Sunset Valley. He proposed to Olivia: She would live a comfortable life and receive a large allowance and live in a cozy beach home, but she should only belong to him and never leave the town. Olivia, a middle-class girl whose parents could only send her to a cheap community college, decided it was better than living in near-poverty, and agreed. While he travelled with his family going back home, Olivia was sent in a different car to her new beach home.

Olivia immediately liked her new life. She was Nick's other woman, but their relationship was very sophisticated and the only thing wrong about it was the fact that Nick was married. When they were not in bed, Nick enjoyed talking to her because, unlike his wife, she listened. Nick soon learned that she was smarter than he thought, as she was able to create a discussion in business. When Nick was not around, she spent time painting, writing, and visiting her neighbors. Due to her beauty, Connor Frio, his brother Jared, and Gobias Koffi tried to date her, but slowly, Olivia started rejecting them, remaining loyal to Nick.

Eventually, Nick fell in love with Olivia, and Olivia began to love Nick as well. She was smart, beautiful, and kind - everything Vita wasn't. She was the brightest spot in his life and he was very happy during the times when they were together. Olivia saw the better side of Nick nobody saw. One day, Olivia revealed that she was pregnant with his kids. Initially horrified that Vita would find out, he began to realize that it didn't matter and he loved Olivia so much that he was willing to finally leave Vita for her. After she gave birth to twins Nicholas and Natalia, and the fact that they were both geniuses, only made Nick even more determined to leave his wife. Nick confesses to cheating and breaks up with Vita. During the divorce, because Nick's business looks seemingly clean and Vita has a lot of dirty laundry that Nick can use against her, she grudgingly gives him the mansion and most of the money and only takes enough to start a new life in a mansion across the town. A day after Vita leaves, Nick installs his new family into Villa Alto. 

Olivia finally has more money she can spend and lavishes her children. Nick converts his gym and recreation room into a separate wing for Nicholas and Natalia, having their room designed by expensive designers. Within a week, Nick and Olivia marry in a wedding in their back yard and try for another baby, and Olivia is expecting another child along the way. 

Meanwhile, now having custody over her stepdaughter Holly, Olivia, unlike Holly's parents, spend time with her. Within time, Olivia manages to earn Holly's trust and gives her a make-over to make her prettier. She trains Holly to start acting like a girl of her status, and eventually, Holly gets it. With her new stepmother's help, she gets a new look. She gets into the honor roll and, now earning her father's respect, gets an expensive car as a gift. One day, she meets her classmate, Ethan Bunch. She is smitten with Ethan, who is the perfect boy she had been looking for before she settled for VJ's partial love. However, she is sad when she finds out that Ethan is bisexual, and is currently in a relationship with Parker Langerak. Holly realizes that she is an Alto and must act like one. She seduces Ethan during a sleep-over and kisses him. She eventually has a better relationship with him than Parker does and asks Ethan to break up with him so they can be together. She breaks up with VJ to date Ethan, and her father and step-mother are pleased, as Ethan, despite not being part of a wealthy family, belongs to a respectable family in the town.

Olivia gives birth to a son named Nathaniel. Holly graduates from High School as the valedictorian and, with her parents' help, immediately marries Ethan in a lavish wedding. As a wedding gift, she and Ethan live in a beautiful home near Ethan's parents' home. The only downside to it was the fact that Parker was still jealous and lived nearby. With Ethan wanting to focus on his medical career and Holly wanting to focus on her painting for a while, they put starting a family on hold. Nicholas and Natalie grow up to be the perfect kids Nick wanted. He and Olivia and the twins and their son Nathaniel become the happy family Nick has always wanted. Ever since the divorce, Vita no longer visits the mansion even to see her estranged daughter, and has began lobbying the town hall with many legislations that could disadvantage Nick's company.