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"The angel and the goth"
Name: "The angel and the goth"
Series: "The Goth Story"
Written by: Funkey_Kong
Release date: Originally: 15.5.2014

Updated: 7.5.2015

Previous chapter: "Enemies in Sunset Valley"
Next chapter: "Birthdays and Bella"

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Chapter Two: The angel the gothEdit

Its morning again and the alarm goes of in Mortimer's bedroom. As he wakes up Cornelia is already up making pancakes for her son and husband. Mortimer is a child with his own style. Not quite as gothy as his parents but still, he is a Goth. The schoolbus arrives at eight and It's picking Mortimer up and drives around the town. Mortimer does not have a lot of friends so the trips in the schoolbus would be quite lonely if he didn't read all those books. There is specifically one that really caught him, "Murder in Pleasantview" by Alexander Goth, some distant relative to Mortimer. The bus stops at school and all the students run into the building.

And there she was. In a red dress and flowing dark hair. A beautiful girl in the same age as Mort stood at the top of the stairs. She was the most beautiful thing Mortimer have ever seen. "This is your chance Mortimer, invite her over" Mort said to himself. And as confident as he are, he walks up the stairs to talk to her. "Hi!" Mortimer said. "Hi!" She replied. She smiles to him and Mortimer continue. "I'm Mortimer, but you can call me Mort!" He says. "I'm Bella, Bella Bachelor!" She says while giggling. They shakes hands. "We should hang out some time" Mortimer started. "I would love to come!" She said and smiled. She had a big beautiful smile with glistening white teeth. Mortimer blushes. The school clock rings and they both have to walk in.

In a car nearby a father and his daughter is driving to school in his fancy car. "So that's why you don't are allowed to talk with the Goths!" Nick says to his teenage daughter. His daughter named Holly look at her father. "I think it's stupid!" She says. Nick turn his head and look angry at his daughter. "What? What is stupid?" He says. "This whole war thing! Why can't you agree with something instead?" Says Holly that are a little tired of all her fathers different enemies. "I am only doing what's right for the people. Don't judge me! Judge them!" Nick says trying to defend himself. They stop the car at the school and Holly runs in. "Stupid kid!" Nick mumble and the car drives back thru Sunset Valley to the Alto Mansion.

The school was over soon and Mort is on his way out when a teenage girl stops him. She drags him to some distant part of the school. A dark corridor that only teachers where allowed to walk in. "I hope you are Mortimer Goth!" She whispers. "Yeah..?" Mortimer says slowly a bit scared. She breathed out. "Yeah, otherwise this would have been very awkward!" She says. "Who are you?" Says little Mortimer and look up on the blond teenage girl. "Holly, Holly Alto!". The name was like an echo thru Mortimer's head. Alto where have he heard that name before? "I am Nick Alto's daughter. Your dad and my dad are fighting!" She says! "Yeah, I know!" Mort answered quickly. "I don't think my dad is right. I just want you to know that I am on your side!" She says. Mort didn't know exactly what this was all about but he approved what Holly had said. "If we become friends.. Maybe our families do to!" She said. Mort thought for a while, that was a very good idea! "Well I have to go now but, call me!" She says before giving him her phone number and running of. I hope this isn't going to get in some sort of drama Mortimer thinks while boarding the bus. To be continued...

"Chapter Two: The angel and the devil" is written by: FunkeyKong/TheSimsSaturday[1]