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The Bates/Spool Family is a CAS Family I created for The Sims 3. The family and character names is based off the Psycho film series by Alfred Hitchcock

Family BeginningsEdit

The Spool Family were the original settlers of the village of Spoolville. Because of being the original settlers and the village being named after the family, the Spools had an emmensrable amount of wealth and power in Spoolville, which began to flourish. As the centuries went on, the economy of Spoolville suffered enormously and so did the reputation and wealth for the Spools. Due to inbreeding within the family(the Spools only aligned and married within the rich), a bout of mental illness crepted in the family and a lot of the members were known trouble makers and the family spent a lot of the family wealth to get them out of jail. Soon the family wealth was gone and they became known throughout the village as a poor, run down, mentally unstable family.

Present FamilyEdit

The last male Spool in the family, Louis, was known as being an unstable man with a violent temper. Dirt poor, he always blamed his failures on everyone else but himself. He married a woman named Rita and they had a child together, Norma. Rita died giving birth to Norma, and a devastated Louis took his frustrations out on Norma. After being an abusive and neglectful father to Norma all the way to her teens, Louis got married again to a woman named Patsy. They had a child together named Emma. Norma eventually found love in Sam Bates, whom she married and they have a son together named Norman. The current family consists of Louis's two daughters, Norma and Emma, and Norma's son Norman. Louis and Patsy was killed in a car accident when Emma was a teen. Norma and Norman reside in Sunset Valley, while Emma resides in Riverview.


First GenerationEdit

Norma Bates

Emma Spool

Second GenerationEdit

Norman Bates