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The Beginning
Name: The Beginning
Genre: Fantasy/Drama/Thriller
Created by: Just a Witch

Succeeded by: The Revealing

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Chapter One of Life with more mysteries then it seems.

Characters descriptions of The BeginningEdit

Holly Alto- The main character. Holly is considered as a good girl by almost everyone. She is the former girlfriend of Lawrence Lum, who she dumped because of lack of trust in their relationship last year. She has a starting crush on the new guy, Jay Donovan. Holly has had a lot of strange and unexplained feelings and thoughts since the fist day of school.

Jay Donovan- The new guy, who Holly likes. He has moved to Sunset Valley from Bridgeport, but is originally born in Sunset Valley. He has black hair wit a blue glow and dark blue eyes. He lives in Ye Olde Tudor.

Bebe Hart- Holly's best friend since Elementary School. She is dating Michael Bachelor.

Lisa Bunch- Holly's close friend. She is dating VJ Alvi.

River McIrish- Holly's close friend. She is dating Parker Langerak.

Nick & Vita Alto- Holly's parents. Although they are both considered as the most evil Sims in town, Nick has accepted that his daughter is a goody good girl. Vita still wishes that her daughter would follow her family's footsteps someday.

Chapter One: The BeginningEdit

It was a normal Monday morning. The first day of the new school year. And I had a strange feeling about this day, or it was the result of eating dinner that my mom made last night. Anyway it felt like I had to vomit. I looked in my mirror and saw that my face was so pale, that I looked like a ghost. My dad walked into my room.

Are you allright Holly? My dad asked. He looked concerned.

Just nervous for school and the whole Junior thing, I guess. I lied. But I didn't know why.

The school bus is waiting so..just hurry up, okay? My dad walked away.

I sighed and took my bag and walked downstairs. Just keep breathing, I thought.

The scool bus was waiting in front of our house. I walked over and went inside, where I sat down next to my best friend Bebe .

How was your summer Holly? She asked a little bit sad. She could never go on holiday, because of her parents.

Pretty good, I guess. Champs Les Sims was really fantastic. I said, while I tried to ignore the nauseous feeling.

I wish I could go to. She sighed. Then she looked at my face. Are you sure you are all right Holls? She asked. I couldn't lie to Bebe. I feel awfull.

Just like a bunch of nerves going threw your body, right? She asked. I feel it to.

The bus stopped and we stepped out. Lisa and River walked toward us.

Oh my Watcher Holly! I haven't see you for ages. Lisa hugged me.

Good to see you to Lisa, and River, of course.'I hugged River.

Excuse me, may I pass? An unknown voice asked.

The four of us turned around and we saw...this guy. With strange black hair with a blue glow in it and dark, almost black eyes.

Hi, I'm Lisa. Have we already met? I mean, I would then certainly remeber you. Lisa liked him. I felt sorry for him, she is pretty much interested in any guy.

No we have not. He looked at me and walked away. But I felt a strong feeling, wich make me felt warm inside.

You can have him Holly. I'm dating VJ. Or at least, if he wants to talk to me. This new guy doesn't want me. Lisa sighed.

Yeah, we all saw you totally looking at him. River said.

Come on guys, we're gonna be late for Simlish. Bebe started to walk away and we followed.

So if she is dating with VJ, and I'm dating Parker and Bebe is going out this Friday with Michael you are single for the first time in your schoollife. River laughed.

Yeah, Lawrence wasn't so...I don't no he's gone anyways. I answered and we walked into the classroom.

Miss Alto, can you sit next to our new student, please? Mr Jones asked.

Fine. I sat next to the same guy from before class. Mr Jones explained something about The Crumplebottom Legacy: A Tale. I felt my phone vibrate. A text from River: New boy is totally looking at you. I turned my head and our eyes met. He looked at me in a certain way. His eye were so piercing and warm at the same time. All I saw were his strang blue eyes.

You can now catch up with your friends or read the book. Mr Jones said and brought me back to reality.

We haven't officially met, I'm Jay Donovan. You must be Holly Alto. He said. He looked me in my eyes.

How do you know? I asked. I felt stupid.

You were at the parking lot this morning, with those girls. He said.

Right. So, where are you from? I asked. Just breathe, I thought.

Bridgeport. But I was born here in Sunset Valley. He said. I accidentally threw my book of the table. Great, I thought. I stooped to pick the book, but he beat me to it. But our fingers accidentally touched. And then I saw..I don't know. Flashes. girl...a boy...Jay?

So, I'm a bit behind with Simlish so do you want come tomorrow to my place? To help me. He asked, his gaze still on my eyes, but he pulled his hand away.

Uhh..sure, I-I-I would love to. I stuttered. Why did I stuttered? I never stuttered in my life. I felt myself redden.

Alright then. How about five o'clock? He asked. Thank Watcher, I probably looked not so stupid as I felt.

That's good. Where do you live? I asked, without stuttering.

Oak Grove Road, in Ye Olde Tudor. You know where that is, right? He said. Then, the bell rang. He got up, walked away and left me speechless.

What happened? Are you two going on a date? Tell me everything! River said, when she, Lisa and Bebe came to me and we walked out of the classroom.

....He asked me to help him with Simlish tomorrow. I answered.

Sounds like a date to me. See you at break. Bebe said. Me and River went to Art class.

You really had to blush when you two talked. River noticed.

Was it that obvious? I said, when we walked inside the Art classroom, and we sat down at our table from last year. Old Mrs. Clavell stood in the middle of the room.

Good morning class and welcome to Art class this year. She greeted us.

Today I want you to make something with a personal meaning.You have the whole lesson, but it doesn't need to be finished today. Mrs. Clavell continued.

I grabbed a pencil and began sketching. I didn't know what to draw, these assignments were always difficult for me. I looked at Rivers drawing; Of course an Irish landscape. I drew a few minutes in thought, but my thoughts drifted away. I couldn't help it. I could only think of him: Jay. I had never felt such a strong attraction, as I felt for him. But why did he pulled his hand away? Didn't he like me? But he asked me to help him. I had never felt so nervous about a boy.

That's a very good drawing Holly. It's a Jay bird, right Holly? Mrs. Clavell stood suddenly at my table.

Did you thought of someone special Holls? Whispered River and she laughed.

Shut up River. I wispered back and blushed. Again.

Why is this personal to you, Holly? Mrs Clavell asked.

Uh.. I don'y know actually. I mumbled.

That's too bad. Mrs Clavell said and she walked away.

Someone has a little crush. River said.

What did you just said? I responsed.

You should see your face, then you know what I'm talking about. River said.

Alright, I like him but is that so bad? You're so annoying sometimes. I said and started to clean up my table.

No intentions to be annoying, Holls. It's just the first time you look interested in a guy since... Lawrence. And what so wrong about a little bit of teasing you? Why are you feeling so attacked? River said it tense.

Let's forget about alright. I don't want to talk about it. And people are watching us. I said and stood up.

If you want that. She said and looked away from me. Then the bell rang.

The rest of the day passed in a flash. My friends hadn't brought up Jay, and I didn't see him in any other classes. Sadly. Yes, it looked like my friends where right: I liked Jay, but when he was around me or when I thought about him seemed to only became stronger. Why? Why could a guy make me feel this way? Is this feeling what true love, or something in that direction? OMW, I should stop reading so much romance novels. I just sounded like a girl in those novels who let her whole life being centerd about a guy. I looked at the drawing of the Jay bird. I sighted. I went staight to my room after dinner, from wich I hadn't eat much because I feel like something is going to happen.

Holly, you need to come down here right now. There is something you should see. My mom called. I stood up and walked towards the living room, where my parents usually watch the news every day around this time. What is it, mom? I asked when I stepped into the room.

Just watch the T.V. She said. ....and we are going back to our main item of this evening: The disaperance of local Smuggsworth Prep student Lawrence Lum. He was last seen at his house, here in Sunset Valley when he was going to his school by taxi.(Shown a picture of him) If you know anything about where Lawrence could be, call the number below..

No ! I screamed. Then the whole room got black and I fainted.