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The Beginning And End
Series: The Beginning And End
Written by: Fangirl4545
Release date: 3/6/13

Previous chapter: None
Next chapter: N/A

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This is the story of a girl by the name of Rachael Andrews and this is the story of her life when she fell in love with Blake Ethan who is a werewolf.

Chapter 1:Winter: Tuesday, January 1 2014 12:00 A.M:New Years DayEdit

"HAPPY NEW YEARS!!" Said Rachael's family.

Dear Diary, Today is the first day of 2014 And tomorrow is my first day of school in Appaloosa Plains jeez, Things are different here than in Bridgeport. Well i hope elementary school will be fun last thing i need is stress

"Wake up Rachael! First day of school sweetheart!" said Rachael's mom, Jennifer Andrew.

Rachael started using the "Ugh" excuse. Ummm.... Didn't work.

After Rachael had some waffle she went to school. Man, the first day always scary i tell you that. After some long classes all the kids went to have lunch outside. By some stroke of luck it was sunny outside. Some kids were playing ball some others were eating but only one was left alone Blake Ethan. As a good nature girl would do she walks up to him and starts to talk.

"Hi, I'm Rachael. Whats your name?" said Rachael.

"I'm B-Blake." said Blake stuttering.

"Hey, Do you stutter?" said Rachael knowing almost every sickness in the book because she was the genius trait.

"Y-yes." said Blake.

"Okay! That's understandable!" said Rachael. But then it got her she noticed Blake's eyes were strange... And as every curious girl would do she asked him why.

"Hey, Whats up with your eyes? They are like glowing..."

"M-my fater told m-me not to worry about i-it." said Blake.

"Oh, Okay." said Rachael.

Chapter 2:Winter: Wednesday, January 2 2014 12:19 P.M: MorningEdit

soon to be edit.