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This story is about the beginning of the history of the Williams, this is the first chapter of this story, please read all of it, thank you. It all started in the Old City, when a sim named Eddie Williams just moved in his new home. After he furnished the house, he was feeling a little adventurous, so Eddie decided to explore the Old Town. But, when he was exploring he met a very beautiful sim he ever saw. Her name was Frannie Focsa, the sim that apparently just moved in a few days ago. So he went over and talked to her about their favorite stuff. They actually were both into money,weather and Hollywood. As soon as they got friends, Eddie dream was to get married with Frannie and have a baby. Then Eddie successfully invited over Frannie Downtown, it turned into a date in a flash! They ate the most expensive meal on the menu, and Eddie flirted with her until they got back to his place. Good thing he had the lovers bed, because Eddie and Frannie played in it all night. In the morning, Frannie woke up and decided that she was intact in love with Eddie! Over the days they became closer together, until the night where their lives changed. Eddie, came up to Frannie, and he proposed to her. Frannie loved Eddie, so much that she couldn't say of any word but yes. So then, they threw a wedding party and hot married together. But one day, Frannie asked Eddie a very important question, she was thinking of having a baby. Eddie wanted a baby in his life, so he said yes, as well as Frannie. It was a girl! And so they named her Ariana, Ariana Williams. And days later, she aged into a child. And so, they have made a small family of 3 sims in Old Town. But one day, their house was filled with ghosts, because Ariana loves them so much. But the 3 had enough so they decided to move to another house, but all of them were filled, so they moved to another town, Strangetown. What new adventures will await in this new town, it coming in chapter 2!