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The Bella Files is what happened to Bella Goth in her own words.

The AbductionEdit

I was reading a logic book when the phone rang. Mortimer was playing with the kids outside. I picked up the phone and answered. "Hello?" I said. "Hey! It's Don. I think I have a real baby for you! It's a New Large Blue Star! I've named it for you. It's called Cassandra. Wanna check it out at my place tonight?" the caller replied. "Sure!" I remarked. I hastily changed into a red dress and bade Morty and the kids farewell, not knowing that it was the last time for a long while.

I drove quickly, almost hungrily. I had been turning to many people to find the perfect star for my daughter and now, I had gotten it. For §4000, it would be mine to give to Cassandra. I stopped adruptly in front of Don's house. I ran to the door and pounded my fist on it. Don opened it almost lazily. Nina was right at his shoulder, shining glittery teeth at me. My first thought was Oh my god, why can't he stick with one girl and just one?. I climbed to the roof with Don and peeked into the telescope. There it was, a glimmering blue ball bigger than life. Don put his arm around my waist as soon as I had finished looking at the star. "What are you doing?!" I screamed as he tried to kiss me.

"Kiss me, babe. Your daughter ain't half as hot or sexy as you are. Let's have some fun," he chuckled almost seductively. I had enough. "Get away from me or I'll call the cops," I growled. He let go of me and glared at me. "Now Nina!" he called. Almost instantly, a glowing orb of bluish greenish light came. I felt myself levitating and the last thing I saw before blacking out was Don and Nina's faces breathless with laughter as Don fingered the simoleons I had given him.

The AliensEdit

It's still alive. 13 is alive. It will need extensive tests and countless experiments. Nevertheless, we have the perfect test subject. Nina was right. It is a beauty, a belle. Lovely. Breathtaking. Flawless. A perfect treat.

Those were the first words I heard upon waking. The voice was human, with a light snakey tint to it. It was clearly male. I knew I was laying on cold metal. I forced my eyes to open. I was staring straight up into the face of a green alien. He had liquidy black eyes and no nose or hair. He backed off, a look of surprise on his queer face. I sat up and saw that my red dress had been replaced with a long hospital gown. The other alien was female. She was a perfect twin of the male, but she had definite eyelashes that were long and spidery and a short dress of black silk that reached midcalf. I opened my mouth to scream.

The female reached me first. She took a long teal tube from a strange machine and shoved it down my throat, causing me to choke and suffocate. The male took a syringe and stabbed it into my arm. Pain and fear shot through me like arrows of fire. I fainted only to come back into wakeness each time. The two strapped me to the metal table. The female took the tube from my mouth away. I was awake long enough to read her nametag before seeping into the sands of sleep. Queen #452.

The next time I awoke, I looked to my left. On another metal table slept a blonde woman dressed in a similar hospital gown. Her cheeks looked sunken, like she had been starved and deprived of sleep. On my right, a raven-haired woman slept with her back to me. A slightly damp blanket was wrapped around her like a dress. They must have been abducted, like me. I was so wrong.

Queen #452 came into the room with the male alien. His name tag said Tech #76. "I see that our lovely test subject has awaken," she announced. The restraints were gone, so I sat up. I was still dressed in the paisley hospital gown. "Meet your clones!" Tech #76 chimed as if he was saying 'It's a good morning!". I looked in horror as the two women stirred. The first one, the blonde, quickly sat up. She looked nothing like me. She had an ugly, sad, and sallow face that had a sick greenish tint to it. Her short blonde hair was stiff and unmoving. "Where am I?" she said in an old drawling voice. The other woman was almost exactly like me, except that her nose was different.

Blondie started to cry. Her voice was cracked. Mimi (as in "me-me") was intently studying her surroundings. Tech #76 grimaced as the loud wailing hightened. He jammed a thumb on a red button and a blue light electrocuted Blondie. She fell with a soft crunch. I hopped off the table and slapped Queen #452 hard across the face. Tech #76 approached me with a laser gun contraption. A burning beam of light whizzed past my head. Queen #452 raised her hand in a halting motion. "13, we are dropping off these clones in different places. They shall start a new life by themselves. Well, at least Clone 2 will. Clone 1 will be disposed of in the past on Lunar Lakes," she declared.

I was sickened. Blondie was a mistake and she would be sent back to the time of my childhood to live in space, just to die. Mimi would be deposited in Strangetown to make her own passage. I was to be kept for more cloning and more testing. Blondie was prodded with glinting sticks until she awoke and adruptly sat up. She was roughly guided away as she screamed. They shoved her into a blue cylinder and she was gone. Mimi had watched the whole thing with a blatant and emotionless face. Moments later, five women came into the room, all dressed in slightly damp towels and blankets. Each woman had ebony hair and bronze skin. Each woman was me.

Tech #76 introduced them. "These are 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7. Say hello to your perfect counterparts!" he cheered. I stared at them. Each face was identical to the last atom. They stared at nothing with fathomless eyes. Mimi's face split into a gigantic grin. "Sisters!" she screamed in excitement. 3 turned her head to look at Mimi. "You are not my sister. I am your leader," she said in a monotone voice. 6's blatant face was crinkled with sympathy. "Oh, but we are sisters!" she giggled. Queen #452 pressed a purple button in the wall. Another male alien came into the room. His name was Guard #788. She pointed to 6. Guard #788 took her into the next room.

There was a horrible shriek and terrifying screams as Guard #788 killed 6. The sounds of blades spinning lightning fast was enough to make me sick. There was one final scream and a choking sound before silence. The aliens had killed a clone because it had expressed sympathy. When Guard #788 came back, Queen #452 pointed at Mimi. I grabbed onto Mimi's arm. I wasn't going to let her die.

"Take me! Not her. Take her to Strangetown!" I plead. Tech #76 took Mimi and shoved her into the blue cylinder and she was gone. 3 was taken away to be slaughtered. There was no screaming or crying. The swiftness of it was shocking. Guard #788 came back, ready to take another away. Queen #452 appraised the other clones. "Take them all away. They are mistakes. Kill them all. I must oversee more cloning," she declared and sauntered off to a cabinet.

All of the clones were taken away and were executed. Queen #452 took samples of my DNA via siphoning blood from me. They led me to their cloning area. I watched as they put droplets of my blood into three tiny capsules and put each one in a separate green cylinder. Tech #76 pulled a lever. There were zaps and crackles and silverish light. Suddenly, silence.

Clone Machine #1 was the first to be done. A naked woman stood motionless and blank. She was exactly like me. Clone Machine #2 made a pale skinned likeness of me. Clone Machine #3 made an absolute failure. It looked like Queen #452, but with tanned skin and raven black hair. Queen #452 tsked and ordered them to be dressed. A young female alien stumbled up to each clone and wrapped them in fluffy towels.

Tech #76 grinned. "13, these are 8, 9, and 10. I think 8 is ready for more testing. 9 will be sent for analysis. 10 will be examined for viruses in your genetic makeup and then promptly executed. You'll watch her execution," he explained happily. I looked at him like he was crazy. Queen #452 was smiling with delight. Anger boiled inside of me and fueled my rage. Without warning, I punched Queen #452 straight in the face and kicked her in the stomach.

She fell with a loud crunch. I kicked her and stomped on her frail-looking body. I heard every breath from her as a hiss. She screamed once more and didn't move. Forever. She had died. My boiling rage had killed my captor. Tech #76 came at me and did something unexpected. He kissed me on the lips passionately. I kissed him back out of happiness, joy, and surprise. When we separated, his green cheeks glowed red.

The Pregnancy and The EndEdit

We WooHooed and spent the night in his bedroom. The next morning, I found that I was pregnant. I was horrified and happy at the same time. Tech #76 was very happy, but trauma from all the testing and my weakened nerves caused me to have the baby prematurely. The little green-skinned baby boy died soon after and so did Tech #76 after falling asleep during a gamma ray experiment. I was sent back to my Mortimer and am living happily ever after.