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Ran Away
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The Broke Boy
Name: The Broke Boy
Series: A Pleasant Story
Written by: AsherÉire
Release date: 4 March 2012

Previous chapter: Lilith's Makeover/ New People
Next chapter: Dirk and Lilith

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The Broke BoyEdit

Dustin Broke was sad. He had missed the first day of school to look after his little brothers, Beau and Tommy. He was going to get shouted at by all of his teachers. They didn't understand. They didn't know what it was like to come home and be told that his father had had an accident in the pool. Dustin didn't have many friends, but felt comfortable around Angela. She understood him. Dustin only saw Angela as a friend, nothing more. Dustin wanted to find love, but he knew his time would come.

School was a huge waste of time! Dustin got shouted at in every lesson! Every lesson! Dustin walked out of the school. He was walking along, minding his own business, until someone crashed into him. The couple fell to the floor. "Sorry, chap!" a foreign voice said. "Lemme help you up." Dustin reached out for a hand and rose to his feet. "Sorry about that. I'm Richie Hutchworth. And you are?"

"I'm Dustin. Dustin Broke."

"Nice to meet you Dustin. Are you doing anything tonight?"

"I'm looking after my baby brothers. I need to find Angela, she said she'd help me"

"Angela's over there. Would you mind if I helped, too?" Dustin didn't mind. On the bus to Dustin's place, Richie asked many questions. When the question came to Dustin's family, the poor boy didn't know what to do. Dustin decided to tell Richie. "I live with my mum and baby brothers, Beau and Tommy. Tommy's a baby. Beau's at school." Dustin let that hang in the air, waiting to see if Richie would ask about his father. He didn't. "I guess you're wondering about my father?" Silence. "He... drowned... last yea-" Dustin's voice cracked and his body was racked with sobs. Richie didn't know what to do. Angela climbed from her seat, squeezed between the boys, and gave Dustin a hug. Dustin felt grateful. It was hard without Dad. But he had his friends- Angela and Richie.

The trio were sat in Dustin's house. Brandi, or Ms Broke, was at work and left shortly after Dustin returned home. Tommy was in Angela's arms. "You're a natural" said Dustin. "He always cries when I'm feeding him. Most of the milk goes on me!" Angela liked the compliment. Dustin was sweet and innocent, but not her type.

"Angela," said Richie "have you ever thought about your future, you know, getting married, having kids?"

"Yes. Yes I have. I just need to find the one

"The one? Any ideas?"

"Nope. Have you?"

"Nah. My love life's been lousy."

"You're joking! I'm surprised you haven't had to say goodbye to your girlfriend when you moved!" Richie scowled, Angela turned pink and Dustin choked on his Coke, dribbling it down himself."Argh! No! Hang on!" Dustin stumbled up for some kitchen paper to clean himself up. When Brandi returned and Angela and Richie left, the walk home became a massive apology session. Angela spent most of the journey apologizing profusely. When Richie forgave her, Angela sighed with relief. Richie invited Angela back to his place. She looked happy with that. It was a perfect opportunity.

For the future.

Chapter 5 coming out 9 March 2012. Click here to view it.