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The Carter family was a family I made for the sims 4 after I first got it. I started with my matriarch, Layla Carter, a good girl with an edge. It is currently on its 5th generation.

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Plumbob Addiction Alana's bday

Happy Birthday Alana!

'The Rockwells have been through it all, murder, cheating, arrests, but they stil seem to keep a perfect reputation. '
Members (currently) Fanon:Aria Rockwell, Fanon:Victor Rockwell, Fanon:Sade Strange, Fanon:Alana Rockwell Fanon:Audrey Rockwell, Fanon:Julia Rockwell. Fanon:Domonic Rockwell
Lot Hallow Slough, Layla Red, Modern Delight
Funds §11,000
Other Information
Game TS4 Icon The Sims 4
Playability Playable
World Willow Creek


I started with Layla Carter, a sim I made on Christmas after I got the game. I wanted to add some drama, so Layla got pregnant by Don Lothario, but he wasn't loyal. She had a baby girl named Stephanie. But after she got home from work the next day, she caught him with Nina Caliente. He was kicked out immediately. Layla was a single mother with little money. She had to quit her job just to pay for stephanies expenses, but that's a different fanon story. On gen 1 I played with Layla and Bbryce and their kid, gen 2  Emily, Edward and their kids, gen 3 I switched around between all the households, but mostly meadow and her kids, and Alana, julian and their kids. Gen 4 is the twins Victor and Aria and their kids because I couldn't decide who  I wanted to carry it on.


  • Meadow has 3 kids with 3 different guys. 
  • Justin had a glitch where he wouldn't die, so I had to use cheats to  kill him.
  • Before this family, I had never gotten past 2 gens In a sim fam.
  • I created a house for them called Layla Red, named after Layla Carter.


Plumbob Addiction Layla and Bryce's first date

Layla and Bryce's first date.

Family TreeEdit

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Carter Family Tree