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Ran Away
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Before I startEdit

This is a fanon story that includes teen characters going to school and cheating on tests.It's completely Sims related and if you are going to delete it read it first.


  • Jason Davis
  • Victor Barone
  • Sammy Green
  • Jonathan Jacobs

The StartEdit

- My alarm woke me up in the morning for school,the first thing on my mind was that we had a Geography test today and I didn't study for it,I never do study tests.I just do them my way,but this time I didn't have a plan.

- Jason woke up and got dressed and was on his way to school,he meet up with Sammy and since they were cheating together since they were 5 year olds they always came up with something.

"You have a plan?" Jason asked Sammy.

"No,I was thinking last night but came up with nothing" Sammy answered sadly.

"Let's hope that Victor or Jonathan came up with something" Jason told and both of them did go to school.

- They did go and Victor was waiting for them."Don't worry I have a plan" Victor said proudly.Both Jason and Sammy knew that Victor usually came up with dumb plans.

"So what's the plan?" Sammy asked Victor.

"We beat up the teacher" Victor said proudly again.

"No way,I don't want trouble" Jason told Victor.

- They did go to the classroom where Jonathan was waiting,alone.

"What's up guys" Jonathan greeted them.

"We don't have a plan" Victor replied visibly pissed off.

"I have one" Jonathan interrupted him quickly.

"So listen,we sit back to back,we'll write the answers on the floor and since the teachers never look down they'll never see it." Jonathan continued visibly excited.

"It might work" Sammy replied.

"We'll see" Jason interrupted him.

The TestEdit

- It was test time and the answers were written on the floor.Surprisingly the plan worked and the group managed to cheat.All of them got A+ grades and the teacher was surprised.But there were two more people that got A+ - Alexander Portless a new student and Lenny Hemmetts the class' geek.

- Jason approached Alex after class and asked him how did he get A+.

"I studied hard" Alex told visibly worried.

"Don't lie to me or you'll have to collect your teeth of the ground" Jason told him angrily.

"I told you that I studied hard" Alex replied.

"You and I know that you are not smart enough for an A+,now if you don't want to be sent to hospital tell me from where did you cheat.This is your last chance I won't ask again." Jason told him.

"OK,OK I cheated from Lenny,he was sitting next to me" Alex answered.

"So that's it" Jason left on to find Lenny.

- He called Victor over and they did find Lenny quickly.

"So you allow people to cheat from you?" Jason asked Lenny nicely.

"I don't know what are you talking about" Lenny told him.

"Don't get me upset" Victor interrupted him.

"I don't know what are you talking about" Lenny repeated.

"We know that Alex cheated from you" Jason told him and grabbed Lenny by the throat.

"What do you want?" Lenny asked desperately.

"We want you to help us get good grades." Victor told him.

"No way.I'm not studying hard for bullies like you to cheat from me." Lenny replied.

- Jason's grip only tightened.

"Last chance" Jason told him.

- James Anderson entered the room,he was known for being able to steal answers without getting caught.

"What's going on here?" James asked them.

- Jason let Lenny go.

"Nothing,just business" Victor replied to him.

"Then I want in this business or the teachers will learn about this business." James answered.

"Fine." Jason said because he was out of options.

"I'm not gonna help" Lenny said trying to act tough.

- Victor punched Lenny which sent the latter on the ground.

"OK,OK I'll help you,I don't want trouble" Lenny said.

"Easy,easy no need of violence" James tried to cheer up the group.

"We meet at the park tonight,be there." Jason told them.

The MeetingEdit

Jason,Victor,Sammy,Jonathan,Alex,James and Lenny were there.

"What now?" Alex asked the others.

"We're gonna cheat through the year,simple as that" Sammy told him

"It won't be that simple" Jason told them.

"So what's the plan?" Jonathan asked them.

"James is gonna steal the answers,and for each test we'll come up with a combination of words." Jason told them.

"Seems fine to me." Lenny

"Then it's on" Sammy told him.

"It's on." Jason told them