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The Clique household
Name The Clique household
Number of generations 2 generations
Family connections Flynn family, Kozen family, Nelson family, Flynn-Kozen family, Faron family, Lynd family, Leary family
The Clique household is held up in a gothic-style mansion on Oceanview Lane in the small town of Moonlight Bay. The household consists of Sims, Morgan Flynn, his girlfriend (if you could even consider her that without any commitment whatsoever), Liara Kozen, their daughter, Gail, and the ghosts of Cevin, Willow, and Precious Faron.

Cevin and Willow Edit

Life leading up to The Sims 3 (console) Edit

Cevin and Willow grew up, side by side, with the the common knowledge that used to be that anyone and everyone who enters The Clique, which was, not a household, but a club the two had created as children, as a member, must be willing to be and except themselves for who they were, and to not try to change themselves for the sake of popularity and "friends". This rule was created by Cevin Faron, himself, for the better of his fellow members, because, let's face it, everyone who entered The Clique, resident or not, was very different from one another, and there was no need to change because your personality traits made you, uniquely, you. No Sim was alike, and if they were, they'd be clones of each other. Cevin and Willow were very different from each other and the world of Sunset Valley that surrounded them. Though their beliefs were strong, they couldn't stand their parents' constant grief over "all that black clothing". Then, one night, the same day they had discussed looking for a way out, Willow came to Cevin's attic window with 1,000 Simoleons she had made off with using her thieving skills. The two made a break for it, and left with nothing but the clothes on their backs. Somehow they managed to get a mansion in Moonlight Bay, where they lived in solitude (well, with each other, of course) until, one day, there came a knock on the door.


  • The Clique household was my all-time favorite household in The Sims 3. Before I took its residents in as my own, I had realized that, on different accounts that had featured me as the main playable Sim, I had hooked-up with all of them at least once, married others at least a couple of times, and had a few kids with some of them even.