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This is something that I made when I was bored. It circles around a teenage girl. Read on to know more!

Dear Diary-

It's Jamie, Jamie Woods. Short for Jamesina, though why anyone would name their kid that is beyond me, and if I dare to ask mom she'll get mad. She's totally sweet, but let's face it, she's made some mistakes in life and bringing up most of them (including the simple mistake of naming her daughter 'Jamesina') will make her steaming.

Me and mom live together, since I'm only 14. She's also got some other kids to deal with. Here's the list of my siblings-

Danny- A 12-year-old nightmare. My only brother, but Danielle is plenty for him. He's part of the reason I inspect the chairs before I sit in them and refuse to use the bathroom after one of them has been in there. Until someone goes in first, I won't go at all. Same with the computer, so my shift on it is first.

Danielle- The other nightmare of my life. Danny's twin. The other reason I inspect most things before using them. I love her, but hey, the pranks and starting to wear me out. Something cool about Dani is she always sleeps with Danny in the treehouse. Which means mom can go ahead and sell my bed, and I get to use the bunk bed they were gonna use.

Brooke- My 3-year-old baby sis. Long story short: Dad died, mom fell in love with another guy later, he knocked her up, and left her. Brooke is kinda a menece, but she's sweet.

.So, that is the mixed-up lifestyle I have, and with no dad, well, things can get a little crazy. Or, much more commonly, a lot crazy. And, I must say, life is made no eaiser when you're leaving everything so your mom can have a 'freash start' in Twinbrooke, which is totally different from where I live now, in Bridgeport. I admit, our house is cramped, but hey, can't we move? But I guess mom's rep here is bad too. Well, I guess I should go. So, diary, that is where I leave you. And, in honor of my Italian classes-

Ciao, Jamie Woods.