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The Corridor of The Deleted
Type: Special Location
Size: Endless hallway
Number of floors: 1
Occupants: All Deleted Sims
Number of bedrooms: Infinite
Number of bathrooms: Infinite
Neighborhood: [[Nia's Sim World]]

The Corridor of The Deleted is a location in Stuck In Sims 3. In Nia's Sim World, all Sims there where deleted by Nia Toadstool.


The Corridor of The Deleted an endless hallway is where Sims that have been deleted from CAS, Family Bin, from the library, the clipboard, and using the Delete Sim tool in testingcheatsenabledtrue. Sims do not have their needs in this place. In this corridor, Sims have the memory of their CAS experience unlike most Sims.

Some Sims residing here don't even have names, or traits, just empty shells that Sims players decided weren't good enough for the Sim's world.

Known InhabitantsEdit


  • Sims do not need hygiene, hunger, bladder, social, and fun. But they do need energy.