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Cosgrove Family
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Name Cosgrove Family
Members Nathan Cosgrove, Amber Cosgrove, Clara Cosgrove, Madicia Cosgrove
Number of generations 2 generations
Family connections Madicia family
Lot 6 Sim Avenue
Difficulty level Difficulty4
Other Information
Game The Sims Icon The Sims
Playability Playable
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The Cosgrove Family consists of two created Sims residing at 6 Sim Avenue in The Sims (console) Nathan Cosgrove and his wife Amber Cosgrove. There are also two children living there: Clara and Madicia Cosgrove. Nathan and Amber have the same personality, as well as the same interests. Their daughters share their personality, too, but have different interests.

Background Story Edit

When Nathan Cosgrove first met Amber Madicia after three weeks of prepping himself during his job and then working on other skills, he never felt so relieved. Amber was surprised to have walked into the mansion of such a well-mannered and well-built man that she was even more comfortable there than her own home! Nathan treated Amber like a proper gentleman and she proved she was being a lady. But when they spent time together while laughing, joking, watching TV, and having endless conversations, Nathan popped the question and he and Amber were married at midnight. When they honeymooned the next evening after Nathan returned home from work, they were given the pride and joy of a beautiful baby girl, calling her Clara. She was a crier of many, getting her mother's attention every five and a half hours. Not only was Amber exhausted by the time her husband got home, but he sent her to bed so she could rest while he handed the rest. When she became a child, she studied hard and became the top brain of her class. But when Madicia came to the world a few days later, Amber was in the stress. She did the same routine as she did with Clara, but Madicia's time was longer by at least three hours. Her father was stressed out each morning around three due to her crying. But when she became a child, Clara was her tutor and Madicia was also the top brain of her class.