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The Day You Were Born
Name: The Day You Were Born
Genre: Drama/Family
Created by: Herzjitu
Rating: PG-13
Number of chapters: 0

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A slender shadow quickly crept into the sanctuary of the open, white picket fence. The fence was surrounding the massive house just a couple of steps away. With ease, the figure slipped from the nearby green lawn. Making her way from the silenced darkness, the light from a modern street lamp illuminated her beautiful face. The fairly tall woman loomed reluctantly over the marble steps, and her arms encircled a bundle of pink blankets.
Kneeling down to the smooth slab, the woman's raven-black hair strayed from behind her ear as she snuggled the sleeping child. Crystal tears rolled down her smooth cheeks- her thick black mascara running as well- and she stifled any other sounds as to not awaken the infant. Breaking away from the snuggle, the woman cradled the baby into the curve of the first stair. Her bottom lip shook with immeasurable internal agony, her heart pounding with fear and uncertainty regarding her decision.
"Remember Aria. You are the daughter of Morgana Brooks. Don't grow up with hate. I love you."
As calmly as the distraught mother uttered the heart-tearing words, she slowly rose from her knees. However, she acknowledged that she had little time. Glancing up upon the sun beginning to make its debut on the horizon, Morgana whipped around. Forcing herself not to turn back, the tall woman staggered away from the scene- eventually breaking into a run. Her footsteps originally clacked on the pavement, but lost their sound as Morgana retreated down the road from which she had come.
Meanwhile, Aria's innocent eyes were sealed away to the outside world as she slept on.