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the Fail family
Name the Fail family
Number of generations 2 generations
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TheFail 3
Members InWar the Fail, InPeace the Fail, InDreams the Fail
Lot 365 Riverblossom Hills Drive
Difficulty level Difficulty3
Other Information
Game TS3 Icon The Sims 3
Neighborhood Riverview

The the Fail family is a rich family living in Riverview's wealthy neighbourhood. It consists of the power-hungry InWar, his wife InPeace and son InDreams.


the Fail: Pretty straightforward. I mean, what else can it stand for?
InWar: A tribe that was based in K66. Had a dictatorial leader, they won most of their wars through mergers.
InPeace: Also !@!, academy tribe of InWar.
InDreams: Also !$!, second academy tribe of InWar.

Family tree

Like my other page, it will be awesome if someone could help me make one just like the ones on the premade families' pages :D


  • InWar the Fail
  • InPeace the Fail
  • InDreams the Fail