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The First Date
Name: The First Date
Series: A Loser's Try
Written by: Tornac57
Release date: April 22, 2011

Previous chapter: Shinning Hearts
Next chapter: Lukai

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Chapter 1

The First Date

Gobias tugged on his tie and got into the cab. He gave the driver the address Agnes had given him at the park two nights before. The driver glanced at him funny, "You sure this is the right address?" Gobias nodded his head. The driver shrugged and pulled out. They drove in through town and across it again, pulling into the second driveway on the left after the bistro.

Gobias gaped in awe and amazement. This was not 'The Seaside Cottage' Agnes had described to him. This was a full blown mansion. He vaguely wondered if he had been dumped in style yet again. But what a style! As he walked up he noticed that there was a car parked in the driveway. Great, Agnes had given him the address of a home someone lived in, more people to look stupid too.

He turned his back and started walking towards the road again, "Aren't you going to stay awhile?" A woman's voice said from behind him. He turned around. It was Agnes. Gobias' jaw dropped in amazement. She giggled and walked down the steps from her porch. "Someone looks surprised. What? Were you expecting me to ditch you?" She ran he finger along his cheek.

"But... but..."

"You can't believe everything you read in the papers about everyone. I'm not mean-spirited like many people think... just a little grumpy sometimes. I didn't kill Erik . Why would I? I was in love, why should I kill my lover? He wasn't richer than me or anything..." She hugged him.

Gobias noticed that her voice trailed off at the end. But then again, it seemed she didn't have a motivation to kill Erik. And she was nice, at least to a loser like him. The grumpiness, he could live without, but who cares? No, really?

Arm and arm they walked back inside and set down on a love seat in Agnes' living room. 'I wonder if I can make my move.' He leaned over and kissed Agnes. She kissed him back. "Will you be my girlfriend?" He wrapped his arms around her, silently praying that she would say yes.

"Of course, you're so perfect! Always flirting and complimenting just like Erik was." Just like Erik was. Gobias groaned softly. That was the last thing he wanted, to be compared to her deceased husband. But she was perfect, flawless in his mind. He kissed her again softly.

Agnes led him upstairs and out to a deck, "This is my widow's walk. I spent many lonely sunsets gazing out here, wondering when I would meet the man of my dreams again, and if I ever would. I doubted myself Gobias, I doubted myself a lot." She looked out over the ocean, "But, I ramble. Sit down with me Gobias and watch the sunset." He did, and they sat together and watched as the day ended here, and a new one began elsewhere.

Next Chapter: Lukai