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The Fischers
Fischer family
Name: The Fischers
Genre: Drama, Supernatural, Science Fiction
Created by: DutchlishSim

Original run: February 21st 2014 - Present
Status: In Progress

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The Fischers were a simple family, with common dreams and normal problems. Simon, the beloved son of Frank and Clio Fischer, grew up and became a good businessman. One woman totally changed his life and that of his family. However, there are resemblances with some facts in the past which are involved with his ancestors... 

Vampires, werewolfs, zombies and even more make the streets of the peaceful Desiderata Valley insecure... Will there be peace again in Desiderata Valley?


1. Medieval
2. Desires
3. Letters (Coming soon)


The main family. A middle-class family that raised hereself up to the upperclass, the leaders of Fear Valley and the most dreaded family of SimCity...
The ancestors of the Fischers. Count Radbout Houwdegen is an 800 year old vampire who is the father of 4 sons who pursued the family for generations. They are a noble family in Fear Valley.
Julien Cooke is a bon vivant who likes to cook, travel and flirting with ladies. When he met the Fischers, he got involved with their problems and is forced to escape to Fear Valley.