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Chapter 1: Medieval
The Fischers - Chapter 1 Medieval
Name: Chapter 1: Medieval
Series: The Fischers
Written by: Rimpelbil
Release date: February 21st 2014

Next chapter: Chapter 2: Desires

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Life is hard in the Middle Ages... Radbout Houwdegen built up a perfect life Simtopia, but one mistake will influence the lives of the future generations...

1.1 A Handsome MerchantEdit

The Fischers - Chapter 1.1a
A merchant couple, somewhere living in the Low Countries (Belgium and the Netherlands) were sad of their normal live and wanted something new, an adventure. So, Mr. and Mrs. Houwdegen moved to Simtopia, an upcoming kingdom which offered new chances. They opened a market in the new kingdom. Their shop became popular and the king asked them to be his royal deliverers. The Houwdegens made big money and their son Radbout was born.

It wasn’t  uncommon people died young and Radbout became orphaned at is eighteen. He inherited his parents market and the handsome Radbout made the business more successful than it was before. When he delivered for the first time at the court of Simtopia, he saw the beautiful appearance of Queen Samantha. The Queen noticed the attractive merchant and she asked her maid of honour if she could contact him and bring him back to the court. One night, the Queen was waiting at Radbout in the castle. He was wondered why the Queen would see him. Went something wrong with the delivery? However, the Queen had other plans with him…

Months passed and the relationship between the Queen and Radbout became more intense. But Samantha discovered she was pregnant. She knew it was Radbout’s child, but if she wanted to save her head, she had to fool her husband and tell him it was his child. Samantha gave a birth of a son Henry and everybody called him Prince Henry because they thought he was the son of King William.

1.2 Count CasanovaEdit

The Fischers - Chapter 1.2a
Queen Samantha wasn’t the only one who was interested in Radbout. Sister Pythia, the head of the Peteran Church, had also an eye on him. However, she served the Watcher, but after some prayers the Watcher would turn a blind eye to it. So, Pythia started dating Radbout and she became pregnant. At the same moment Samantha was pregnant too. It was hard for Pythia to hide her pregnancy, but when her son Phillip was born she told everyone he was an abandoned child and that she would carry for him. Samantha gave a birth to Petrus and everyone believed he also was the King’s child.
The Fischers - Chapter 1.2b

The King and the Queen were pleased with Radbout’s ‘service’ and because he was a well-known and rich man they gave him the title of Count (it actually was Samantha’s idea). Radbout celebrated this moment with Marquess Kira, another woman who fell for Radbout’s charmes.

The time flew and Samantha was pregnant again. Radbout’s fourt child Jacob was born. Inattention, however, caused a disastrous twist. The King discovered the affair of his wife and Radbout. He disinherited Henry, Petrus and Jacob and convicted Radbout and Samantha to the Pit of Judgement. However, Radbout could escape but Samantha died.

1.3 Medieval TroublesEdit

The Fischers - Chapter 1.3
Radbout left and his children grew up at Pythia’s orphanage. She told the children that Phillip was there half-brother, but they have to promise they wouldn’t tell something to anyone. The 4 brother grew up, all with different personalities. Henry was a born leader and he didn’t accepted he could inherited the throne. Petrus had never grew up in a real family and he hoped he would start a family of his own. Jacob was rather a copy of his father and was really interested in women at a young age. Phillip was the outsider of the brothers. I never was interested in women, marriage or power. There was something different with him…

Radbout was wandering around the world. At some point he met a group of Slavic travellers. He joined him, but there was something strange. They only travelled at night. Radbout got in love with a gorgeous Slavic woman Andreja. She got other plans with him, however… The Slavic travellers were vampires and Andreja bit Radbout and he turned into a vampire…