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Chapter 2: Desires
Name: Chapter 2: Desires
Series: The Fischers
Written by: DutchlishSim
Release date: March 6th 2014

Previous chapter: Chapter 1: Medieval
Next chapter: Chapter 3: Letters

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Years passed and the Houwdegens became a big family and have spread over the whole SimNation. Two sisters Clio and Carmen were one of the Houwdegens. 

2.1 PlansEdit

Clio was doing the laundry while her husband Frank Fischer was working on the car. She smiled. She saw her son Simon and her niece Katherine playing in the garden. Katherine was the daughter of her sister Carmen. She was married with Matthew Williams, an exchange student who resided at the Houwdegens when Clio and Carmen where teens. However, their relationship was just a happy façade for their daughter. Carmen and Matthew were both workaholics and barely see each other and when they're together they were arguing. 

Simon and Katherine came in.

"Can I ask you something, mother?" asked Simon, "Is it okay if Katherine came with us during our vacation in Desiderata Valley?"

"Well, if her parents agree, it's okay by me."

"But they won't agree, aunt Clio!" claimed Katherine, "They're always working or arguing, they're never listening at me!"

She knew it. Katherine knew about the bad relationship between her parents. They were saying everythings was okay, but she didn't believe it.

"I'll talk with your mother, Kate, but I don't promise anything."

Simon and Katherine went outside again and Clio took a deep breath. How could she persuade her sister? She would never let her daughter go, but Katherine needed it. She needed that vacation, so she could forget the problems between her parents...

2.2 Sister's adviceEdit

Clio took a deep breath and rang her sister's bell. Carmen opened the door.

"Hey, Clio, what a surprise to see you!"

"Hello, Carmen, I want to talk to you."

Carmen nodded and led her sister to the kitchen. She asked her for some coffee, but Clio made clear she was only there for talking.

"What's wrong, sister?"

"You. Matthew. Your relationship."

"That's not your business!"

"It ís my business! You are my sister! We always told our secrets and problems to each other! So, go ahead!"

"There are no problems!" Carmen maintained.

"Do you really think I'm dumb? Everyone knows you got problems, even your own daughter Katherine!"

Carmen moaned and shaked her head.

"Look, Matthew and I have loads of work. I cheated him with my boss and he knows it!

"You cheated on Matthew?"

"Yes, I did. It was for his own good! Now I've the promotion I always wanted and we've a lot of money!

"You've ruined your relationship and your daughter's life!" Clio shouted.

"What has Katherine to do with this?"

"She is suffering under your problems. She told me yesterday she knew you were in trouble. That girl need some vacation, all of you. Why don't you join us at our holiday in Desiderata Valley?"

"We can't. We have to work."

"Katherine not! Comm'on she needs it!"

"Okay, fine! Katherine will join your holiday! And leave me alone, now!"

Clio thanked her sister and left. However, she was still worried about her sister's relationship. Katherine won't stand a divorce...