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The Funeral is the third episode of Silver Falls.

Last time on Silver Falls. Lead inspector Henry Beige arrives at the scene to question the household residents. New character Helen Magnolia, the longtime servant of Joanna, went into shock. Bella Fuchsia revealed her birth father is none other than Daniel Pearl, who is now in the hospital due to a heart attack. The episode starts with the characters at Teal Funeral home. Present at the funeral are the Fuchsias with the employees, Sarah Lilac, a new resident of Fuchsia manor and nurse to Daniel Pearl. Also present is William Puce, Joanna's younger twin brother, and his fiancee, Kayla Saffron. In the background is Brandon Teal, the owner of the funeral home. Thomas is at the casket, staring down at Joanna's face. Inspector Beige walks in. "Mr. Fuchsia, may I have a word with you?" Thomas looks stunned at the fact the inspector is still investigating at the funeral. "Sure." They walk over to the corner. "The other day, your daughter Bella mentioned that her father is Daniel Pearl." Thomas looks unmoved by the statement. "I know." He says. Now it's the inspector's turn to be stunned. "You do?" Thomas motions towards the door. "Perhaps we should discuss this outside, Inspector." He says after noticing Brandon Teal listening in on them. They start for the door. "Daddy, were are you going?" Asks Emma. "Daddy's just going outside with the nice inspector." Thomas sends her over to Bella. The two men step outside. "Now, then, let's get to business. You see, I can't have children, and since Daniel is so close to us, he was a natural choice. Bella doesn't know that I know, though." The inspector nods approvingly. 'If that's the case, then is Emma his daughter too?" Thomas takes out a cigar and lites it. "I've never told anyone this, but Emma is adopted. We adopted her as a newborn, and have fooled everyone." The inspector starts to write this in his notes, but is stopped by Thomas. "Please don't. It's enough that Joanna's dead, we don't need a scandal. Now, I trust you keep this a secret." Thomas turns on his heels and walks off, leaving the inspector alone.