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More Falling Storks
Name: More Falling Storks
Series: The Genesis Project
Written by: Icemandeaf
Release date: March 29, 2015

Previous chapter: New Year, New Generation
Next chapter: Cold, Sad News

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More Falling StorksEdit

The Harper HouseholdEdit

Jim Harper Adult

Jim as an adult

Chad Harper Baby

Chad as a baby

Lee Harper Baby

Lee as a baby

Brad Harper Baby

Brad as a baby

After Jim became an adult, I gave my boys a talk because we needed to make sure that the Harper name continues, especially when there is so much wealth to be carried. I guess my little prep talk worked because now we have 3 little ones in our home. I wasn't exactly expecting to have so many so fast, but that is also because David wasn't thinking he'd have twins.

I'm beginning to wonder if both Sean and Dan had the "twin gene" because one of Dan's sons, Timothy, is the one who sired these twins. Eric, Sean's son, sired the Baker twins, and Drew (a son of both Dan and Sean and also a twin himself) sired the Fisher twins. That means we have a total of 4 sets of twins in our neighborhood. I don't know if that is normal or not, but it is quite interesting.

Brad was born the day after the twins. I must say that I am actually glad that Jim didn't have twins as well. I don't know what I would have done with so many babies around. Not that it would be a bad thing because I am sure that we could afford to provide for them. It just seems that it could have been possible since Brad was sired by Jared who is also Dan's son.

And speaking of having enough to provide for the babies, our home was much too small to handle a family that basically double overnight. So I had Drew expand our home to have 3 more bedrooms and a kitchen as well. I'm not sure how much we will use the kitchen as it is because no one really does any cooking here, but at least it makes it so that we don't have to block each other's way when it comes to feeding the babies.

As far as the Harper businesses, they are doing quite well. The real estate agency has really been doing quite well with the occasional sales. Quite frankly, it really doesn't need that much to keep going even with how cheap the lots are. So I decided that I would take one of the lots that I already own and make it an art gallery. That way I wouldn't have to split my attention between my art and real estates in the same place. I haven't really done much to the place yet other than just put my paintings there, but I will build it up in time.

Jim's music store is doing quite well too. I am actually glad that I gave Jim his own business so that he can do his own thing (because we all know he wouldn't listen to me any other way). I was worried that David might have been upset that I didn't give him a business as well, but he recently told me that it doesn't bother him at all. To him it is sort of like Jim helping me out with yet another business that he doesn't have to worry about. In fact, he said that he really didn't notice that much because he has been helping me out with my businesses so much. I guess I am just lucky to have good boys.

And to think that I have little ones in the home again is actually kind of exciting. To top it off, three little ones. I can't imagine what it will be like when they become my age (whatever age that is). If it is that we do have to die eventually, I hope that I am around long enough to see what it is like for them. I know that I am going to try to do everything in my power to make it so that I can.

-Tyler Harper

The Carpenter HouseholdEdit

George Carpenter Baby

George as a baby

Jacob Carpenter Baby

Jacob as a baby

Well, we finally have the next generation of Carpenters. I am so glad that I have been able to be around to see them born. I would love to see them grow up, but you never know if we are immortal or not. I can really feel myself slowing down, so I have a feeling that we aren't. In any case, it looks like the Carpenters will no longer be a house of blonds. I don't know if I am ok with that or not. (Yes, I did used to have blond hair before it went gray.) I think it is interesting that only one of my grandsons have blond hair, and that is Thomas. Andrew and the Baker twins have my green eyes, which is interesting because neither Drew or Eric had my green eyes. It is really interesting what each child's hair and eye colors turn out to be. I know that I would never have guess they would have been born with what they were. Genetics is an interesting thing.

In fact, I was just thinking about how so interrelated all of the babies are. I wonder if there are any that they aren't related to. I guess in some way they are all related so how, but I think almost all of them are either half brothers or cousins. I guess that will mean that they will have to get their three lovers from cousins because it just doesn't seem right for them to have lovers with half brothers. Kind of makes my head thinking about it. I think I'll move onto another topic.

The Carpentry and Rec Center have been doing alright even though I haven't been paying them much attention lately. I am seriously think of just turning them over to my sons to run because of how worn out I feel. They basically run them as it is anyways. I guess I could also ask Tyler that I stop managing the Real Estate Agency too. That way I can rest up, and then maybe I can spend some time with my grandsons as well.

-Sean Carpenter

The Fisher HouseholdEdit

Andrew Fisher Toddler

Andrew as a toddler

Thomas Fisher Toddler

Thomas as a toddler

As you can see by the pictures, the little turds have finally become toddlers. I don't know if it is even possible that they take so long to do nothing. I'll just say that I am glad that Nick is taking full responsibility of them. He knows I don't really care for the crying and whining that they do at all hours. I can't understand why so many of the others are so happy and trilled to have more little rug rats running around. They don't do anything productive. In fact, they take away from productivity. I honestly hope I don't have to see any more in my house for as long as I live. I will probably lose it if I do.

And speaking of productivity, or lack thereof, I have finally gotten the Meat Market up to a level 5 business. It hasn't been easy, but I have finally been able to make a few in the neighborhood happy enough to do so. I would say that I am ahead of the game in preparation of the oncoming winter, but I am running out of fish. That means that if I am unable to catch enough fish before the lake freezes, I will have to wait until the lake unfreezes to catch more fish before I can start selling fish again.

So with the good fortune that I have had this past season and anticipation of the hardship of winter, I have decided to enclose the lake in a shed. That should make it so that it doesn't freeze over so I can keep fishing during the winter. While I was doing that, Nick begged that I also add a room to the house for the kids. I am more than content with them staying outside like they have been, but Nick feels that leaving them to freeze wouldn't be a good idea. I sure wasn't going to let them sleep in the same room and be woken up in the middle of the night by the continuous wailing, so I obliged to Nick's suggestion. The things I do to avoid the whining of the children, including my son.

-Chris Fisher

The Baker HouseholdEdit

Zack Baker Adult

Zack as an adult

Anthony Baker Child

Anthony as a child

Lawrence Baker Child

Lawrence as a child

Ace Baker Baby

Ace as a baby

We have had quite a few birthdays and another birth in our household this past fall. The twins went from being babies to toddlers at the beginning of the season, and then children at the end. Zack also became an adult. A fine strapping adult, I might add. Shortly after his adult birthday, David got him pregnant and he gave birth to Ace just before the end of the season as well. I must say that I can't believe how quickly the boys have grown up. It doesn't seem that long ago that Connor was just a baby. Time sure does fly. I sure hope that means that I will see the grandkids grew up just as well.

Things have been coming along business-wise. I have decided to make the Bakery become the Restaurant and move the bakery business to another location. There is still a lot of work that needs to be done for the new location, but I am sure that I will have it up and about to its former glory in no time. As for the Restaurant, it will become an even better place by this change because then I will be able to focus on the restaurant aspect of the venue without the distraction of the bakery aspect.

I know that I should probably report a whole lot more, but I just can't think of much more to report. Everything else is pretty much status quo as far as I can recall. Now talking about recollection, I am finding that my memory isn't as sharp as it used to be. I am also a lot slower in my thinking. It has even affected my cooking somewhat. I guess I can really feel myself slow down. I am not sure what that means, but it could just be that I need to get some rest. Maybe I am coming down with another flu. I mean, it has happened before. I must say though, I don't remember feeling like this when it happened.

It could be that it isn't just me. I have noticed that several of the other Originals have felt some of the same things: slowing down, worn down and tired, not as sharp as we used to be. None of the other boys feel the same way, so maybe it is just the affects of being old and gray. (Although Mike will make it very clear that he isn't gray like the rest of us.) So maybe I'm not getting sick after all. I could just be nothing after all. Still makes me wonder though.

-Matt Baker

The Potter HouseholdEdit

Kevin Potter Toddler

Kevin as a toddler

Adam Potter Baby

Adam as a baby

I must say that I am a little surprised with the changes that have happened with my boys this past season. Martin used to be the one that I could rely on to help out with the businesses, but he has been focused on having kids rather than helping. Not that I'm complaining because it is good to see the Potter name continue on. On the first day of Fall, Martin had Kevin. Then just a few days later, he had Adam. Now he is pregnant with another kid. I must say that I am really impressed because I remember I was so exhausted after having 2 sons that I didn't even want to think of having another kid. And here he is pregnant with a third! I guess I can't blame him for not helping out with the businesses because he has been focused on the little ones.

What has amazed me is Jason! He has told me that he has absolutely no interest in getting pregnant. He will get someone else pregnant, but not himself. I guess that is alright considering the family name will be cared on by Martin's kids. And if that wasn't enough to amaze me, Jason has taken to the potter's wheel to improve his trade some more. I would say he is about as good as Martin is now. They both have a bit to go before they are as skilled at the wheel as I am, but Jason had said that he never wanted to learn. I wonder what has caused him to change. Could it be because Martin has his hands full with the little ones, or could it be that I have been slowing down? Maybe both?

As far as the progress with the businesses, there really hasn't been much this past season. I guess we will have to work harder in the winter to make it up. I did add a small room to the shack for Kevin and Adam. I just might have to think about adding more later with another on the way. There just won't be enough room for 6 of us in a two room shack.

-Kyle Potter

The Gardener HouseholdEdit

Patrick Gardener Child

Patrick as a child

Noah Gardener Baby

Noah as a baby

It has been exciting to see Patrick go from baby to child this season. It brings back memories when Eric was that little. I can't believe they grow up so fast. And Eric also gave birth to another son, Noah. While neither of the boys are green in any way, it seems that the deep blue eyes are a strong Gardener trait. I know that it might be hard to believe, but I did once have the same blue eyes before I turned green. Luckily Tyler had taken a picture of me that many days ago so that there is evidence that I truly did have the blue eyes.

Business has also been going well. I have found a few things that I believe are seeds of various types. I think that I will plant them now so that I can later expand to getting some shrubs and flowers to sale because this place needs some green touch other than just the grass under our feet. I am actually just excited to see these plants grow as I am to see my own kids grow. I know that they aren't exactly the same thing, but it sure feels the same.

I am surprised that Eric seems to be able to handle raising the boys, helping with the businesses, and help me with the plants all while tossing the ball or other sports related activities. I barely have enough energy to run the businesses and tending to the plants to keep up with my occasional hikes around the neighborhood before I am so run down and tired. In fact, I don't recall being able to keep up with everything that Eric is doing when I was (probably) the same age. I only had one son, and he now has two! I guess I really did raise him well with the healthy food that I have been feeding him. Who knows what kind of diet we had before we came here. That could be part of the reason that we are so run down. Hopefully when they are old like us, the boys won't be as tired and worn.

-Mike Gardener

The Taylor HouseholdEdit

Timothy Taylor Adult

Timothy as an adult

Ed Taylor Toddler

Ed as a toddler

Well as you can see, Timothy has grown up to being an adult. Lance also gave birth to Ed who is now a toddler. Now both Lance and Timothy are pregnant with more babies. I think it even happened on the same day because they both started running to the toilet at about the same time. How I am glad I don't have to have the morning sickness again. That is not something that I miss. In any case, I have a feeling that I will probably find out if they were impregnated on the same day when they give birth. From the looks of things, I would say that will be tomorrow.

It will be quite interesting having more babies and at the same time. I don't know how I will be able to handle having three little ones running around. I know I had a hard time when the two were babies, but I guess now that they are grown up that they will be doing most of the tending to the babies needs. Quite honestly, it is a good thing because I have been really feeling worn out and tired just thinking about it. In fact, I get worn out just running the businesses.

And speaking of the business. I guess we are doing alright, but it seems that there aren't many things being bought any more, which is kind of odd considering that winter is coming around the corner. In any case, I have been talking with the boys about doing some different types of textile than we have been doing in the past. Hopefully it will add some more variations for our neighbors to buy as well as giving them some higher standard of living. I mean, we aren't just scraping for wood to keep warm in the winters and food just so we don't go to sleep starving. It's high time that we start enjoying some luxury of living now that we are flourishing.

-Luke Taylor

The Plummer HouseholdEdit

Dustin Plummer Child

Dustin as a child

Compared to everyone else, this pass season has been quite uneventful for us. The only real big thing that has happened was that Dustin grew from a baby to a toddler and than to a child all this past season. They sure do grow up fast, but I think I am lucky to only have the one tyke. All this running around a keeping up is plenty with one. I don't need to have more. I have to have my nap time, after all.

The Hardware is coming along quite nicely. There are a few variety of things that are now available for everyone's plumbing needs. I think I will have to add on to the building and expand to have more room for more things. Of course, I won't do it too fast because it isn't that often that anyone has serious plumbing needs. There is only so much that a handful of guys have a need for.

-Dan Plummer