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Cold, Sad News
Name: Cold, Sad News
Series: The Genesis Project
Written by: Icemandeaf
Release date: May 24, 2015

Previous chapter: More Falling Storks
Next chapter: The Next Generation Springs Forth

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Cold, Sad NewsEdit

The Harper HouseholdEdit

Chad Harper Child

Chad as a child

Lee Harper Child

Lee as a child

Brad Harper Toddler

Brad as a toddler

Corbin Harper Baby

Corbin as an baby

This winter has proven to be a bearer of sad news. I won't go into the details of what happened. I will let the others tell you, but let's just say that we have found out that we are indeed NOT immortal. That means I am truly going to die one day. I, for one, sure hope that won't be for a very long time. In any case, the community has asked that I use one of my empty lots as a place for the deceased. I haven't done that much with the lot yet, but I think that if we are going to be burying our dead there that it should be more that just a place to put them. Surely it should be a place to commemorate there time with us. I know that I wouldn't want to just be stuffed somewhere if I were dead.

I know that I started by saying that this season has brought sad news, but that is mostly from the other households. The Harper household has actually had a pretty typical winter. (Or so it seems that way. HA!) Chad and Lee have grown into fine children. In fact, several of the others felt that all of the children should be taught together and we would each take turns imparting our knowledge to all of them rather than our own household. To do this, of course, I have been asked to allow another of my empty lots to be used as a school. Things have been going very well, so I didn't see a problem with allowing a couple of lots be used for community purposes without much profit. It isn't all about the simoleon as some might have you think.

It is all about the love. And I can say that Jim has gotten into that since Brad has become a toddler as well as having a new baby. Corbin is an exciting addition to the household. And I am not just saying that to imply that the household is becoming quite large which means that it will become a dominating household in the community. I would never think that sort of thing even if there are some who would tell you differently. All of these babies means that the community will grow and flourish into the great community that I know that it is destine to become. I just hope that I will be around to see it for as long as possible.

David and Jim are also doing will. David has been doing some helping around with the art gallery and the real estate agency some more now that his twins have grown up a little needing less of his attention. I must say that I am quite please with how eager he is to run things. I have no doubt that things will be left in good hands after I am gone. In fact, I wonder if I shouldn't just let him run things now. That's actually not a bad idea. Then I could just spend my time painting masterpieces. Hmm..

Jim didn't do that much with his music business this past winter because he was pregnant for most of it along with tending to Brad. He has mentioned to me that he really misses it and hopes to get back into it when Corbin is a little older. I am quite happy that I noticed that Jim really enjoyed making tunes and suggested that he have his own music business. I don't know what I would have done if it weren't for that. It's not that we didn't get along, but I found myself wondering what to do with him since he wasn't as interested in running the financial aspect of the community like David was.

-Tyler Harper

The Carpenter HouseholdEdit

George Carpenter Child

George as a child

Jacob Carpenter Child

Jacob as a child

Much to my dismay, I (Alex) have now been given the task of writing the quarterly reports. The reason is that early on this winter, Sean passed away. The entire community is greatly saddened by this loss, but no more than those of us in his home. He will truly be missed for all that he has done. I am sad to say that he hasn't been able to see all of his hopes and dreams come to fruition yet. And he probably never will! I only hope that we can make those dreams come true and that he will know somehow. I hope that he will enjoy the place of rest that I gave him in the new cemetery. I know that Tyler mentioned it before that he was asked to open it for the neighborhood to lay their dead to rest. I just hope that we don't have to bury too many more than we have already this winter.

As you might have figured out, I have been given the charge to run the businesses as well as all of the other household duties and responsibilities. The Carpentry and Rec Center have been doing as well as possible with the recent change in ownership. I haven't been focusing on it too much because I have been trying to just keep things from falling apart (including myself). Now that it has been a few days since his passing, I am doing better now. I hope that this spring that I will be able to focus more on the businesses, especially now that the boys are more grown up now.

And speaking of Drew's and my sons, they are now children. I can't believe that it has been long enough that we can have children of our own growing up into fine young lads. It seems like it was only a few days ago that we were children ourselves. I guess it has been a few because it was just under two years ago that we were. It kind of makes me wonder how old dam truly was when he passed away. We have been saying that he was 47 days old, but that was when everyone found themselves here without any memory. It's so hard to believe that Drew and I were born within a week after that occurred. Anyway, I should finish this report up and get onto more important things.

-Alex Carpenter

The Fisher HouseholdEdit

Andrew Fisher Teen

Andrew as a teen

Thomas Fisher Teen

Thomas as a teen

Caleb Fisher Baby

Caleb as a baby

I must say that this winter has been one of hardship and shock. I honestly can't believe the deaths that we have had in the community. True, Tyler and I are still around. Still, it makes you wonder how long that will be with the deaths that we have already seen. Also, I followed the advice of having a building built around my pond in order to keep it from freezing over during the winter. Well, let's just say that it didn't seem to have any impact. I guess the ground is just too cold and freezes the lake even if I keep the inside of the building warm.

And if that wasn't bad enough, I had gone with Dan to the cemetery to moan the lost of a mutual lover when I saw Kyle ripping a new one into Tyler because he was flirting with a very pregnant Timothy. I had asked Dan why he didn't do the same thing because Timothy is his son. He told me that he didn't see it happen and because he isn't in love with Tyler like Kyle is. I guess he had a point, but I just can't see why Tyler has to flirt with everyone. Seems like he is always getting people upset as well. I know he has made me quite upset at times.

On brighter news, Nick was able to lift the twins' mood before their birthday so that they wouldn't be so down. I know I've said it before, but I am really proud of him. Even though I wasn't too happy about having babies around the house, Nick has really done well taking care of them to the point that I haven't really had to do that much. A good thing too because I don't think I would really be able to help out much as it is. Now because the twins are old enough to hold a rod, they helped me catch fishes to make up for lost time due to the lake freezing over.

So, I guess when I found out that Nick was pregnant again, I didn't feel as disappointed as I did with the twins. I think it is more so because it will mean that there will be more Fishers to catch fishes for the community. I had even wondered if Nick would have twins, but he didn't. He did, however, give birth to a very dark boy. If it weren't for the brown hair, I would think he looks a lot like Matt with the dark skin and green eyes. I guess the Fisher red hair would have been too much for him. Probably for the best because you wouldn't want to look exactly like one of your grandparents because that could lead to some awkward situations especially with someone like Tyler. Although, I doubt the age difference would truly bother him much because it didn't with Timothy.

-Chris Fisher

The Baker HouseholdEdit

Anthony Baker Teen

Anthony as a teen

Lawrence Baker Teen

Lawrence as a teen

Ace Baker Toddler

Ace as a toddler

I can't believe it! He left us! Matt is gone! He died and now I have to take over everything! I really don't know if I can. I am nowhere near as good of a cook as he is -eh- was. Sure, I can do something that he taught me, but I still had so much to learn from him. And that includes running a business as well as cooking. Why did he have to pass away? Well, I guess I will just have to learn all the things that I didn't learn from him all on my own. That's what he did, so I guess I can do it. I guess it's just sad that he will not be able to meet all of his grandchildren either. I mean Corbin was born the same day that he died. True, I haven't even met my son yet either, but that doesn't mean that I won't which is more than I can say for my late dam.

Well, onto the report that I had to rush together to organize the information and submit it when it was due. Anthony and Lawrence have grown up to be fine teens. They sure do grow up fast. They both told me that they have learned a lot from school and have gotten an A+ on their most recent report cards. It sort of makes me wonder what they teach there, but I guess I will know when I start taking over the cooking classes for Matt. (Yes, I call my dam by his first name. I have always done that and I am not about to change now that he is gone.) I have also been teaching Lawrence some of the business trades that I have learned. He is really picking it up. I have a feeling that he will be better at running the businesses than I am before long. That will be a good thing because as much as I liked helping out, I don't think that I am cut out to run things on my own. I mean, I was barely able to improve one business this past season under the supervision of Matt. I cringe to think how I will run things without his input.

Ace also just became a toddler. In fact, at the same time that Matt was passing away. Talk about ruined moments. I hope the poor kid doesn't have a meltdown because of a traumatic experience. I guess it could have been worse because I don't think he actually saw Matt pass away. Can you imagine the scars that would have left for such a little rascal? I know it is bad enough for me, and I am a lot older. In any case, Zack now has the fun time of taking care of an independent dependent. I remember when the twins were at that age. It was insufferable. They wanted to go off and do their own thing, but they couldn't even feed themselves or even take care of themselves. Sort of ironic that I couldn't wait for them to get older and now that they are teens, they are growing up fast.

-Connor Baker

The Potter HouseholdEdit

Kevin Potter Child

Kevin as a child

Adam Potter Child

Adam as a child

Franklin Potter Toddler

Franklin as a toddler

Sebastian Potter Toddler

Sebastian as a toddler

The Potter Household is saddened to report that another of the Original 8 has passed on. Kyle Potter will be greatly missed by his family and his community. He has been placed to rest with his other fallen friends and lovers. His skill at the wheel will be sorely missed and probably will never be so matched. My dam was able to do great things with that wheel. I only hope that I will have even a fraction of the skill that he had so that I can maintain the needs of this community. I know that there will never be anything that will fill the hole that he has left. And with that in mind, I, Martin Potter, do promise that I will fulfill the dreams of my dam for this community to the best of my abilities. I know that they will never match those of his own, but I pray that he will be proud of my attempt to do so while also trying to honor his name.

In keeping with my promise, I have taken over my dam's businesses as well as the responsibility of keeping up with the pottery need of this community. For that reason, I have greatly expanded the items that are for sell at the Ceramic Store to include various other pottery items that I have discovered. I feel that this is in keeping with the vision that my dam had for his store, as he always mentioned to me his dream to make it the hub of the community.

It also pains me to know that my dam was barely able to know his grandsons before he passed on. I am sure that he would be proud as I know I am so very much proud of my own sons. Kevin has really enjoyed going to school and learning all that we have learned over that past couple of years. I look forward to when he will be able to add to that knowledge base of the community to make things even better. Adam has finally grown old enough to start school himself. He just can't wait to start his first day with his older brother. And as some of you already knew from the beginning of this winter that I was pregnant yet again, I have given birth to twins. Franklin and Sebastian just grew up to being toddlers. While it is true that I did have Kevin and Adam just a few days apart, having two babies at the same time has proved to be even more time consuming. Don't get me wrong, I do enjoy having the little ones around. It is a good thing that Jason has been able and willing to help around with the businesses while I take care of the kids.

I know that many have wondered why I have decided to have all of my kids and Jason has decided to sire all of his kids. It is partly because Jason is very scared of the idea of being pregnant. Sure there are some uncomfortable times with it, but it really isn't that bad. I guess you could say that I am very willing to go through the minor pains so that I can have the bundle of joys around me. I suspect another part is that Jason doesn't really share my appreciation of children. True, they can be a handful at times, but they aren't really that bad. The reason I think that might be a reason for Jason is because he would rather work at the wheel than change dippers. When we were younger, he never wanted to do anything at the wheel. So I guess that he has a stronger distaste for child-raising than he does for clay. In the end, I guess it really works out for both of us.

-Martin Potter

The Gardener HouseholdEdit

Eric Gardener Adult PlantSim

Eric as a PlantSim

Patrick Gardener Teen

Patrick as a teen

Noah Gardener Child

Noah as a child

I guess the news is out that even the green dude with the leaves on the top of his head has also passed away. That's correct, my dam is dead just like several of the original 8 are now. And I guess now that he is no longer here to keep the secret, I will just go ahead and tell you all because I am sick of hiding under a wig and body paint. If you haven't figured it out, I am a green dude with leaves on the top of my head as well. And that isn't all. My son, Patrick, is as well, and I will not have him subjected to hiding most of his life who he is just like I had to. It seems that we are the only ones though. My other sons, including Noah, do not seem to show the same qualities, but I won't know for sure until they have all grown up to be at least teens. It seems that is when the attributes are fully displayed. At least that was the way it was with me. So if you are worried that you have a son (or even you personally) might be like us and are older than a teen, you probably have nothing to worry about if the skin and hair are not green. So, now that I have gotten the dirty laundry aired out, I guess I should perform my duty of giving the quarterly report.

As I mentioned earlier, Patrick has grown up to being a teen. Patrick has also grown up to being a child. They are growing up into quite fine young Sims that I am sure that any of the Originals would have been proud of. I am sure that the few that are remaining can attest to that even with Patrick being like me and his granddam. I have no doubt that the Gardener name and tradition will be carried with pride. That's probably a good thing because everyone wouldn't have much to eat other than some fishes. Not only would that lead to some very limited choices of meals, but I am sure that it wouldn't result in a healthy lifestyle due to the lack of variety.

Speaking of variety, the Farmer's Market has expanded from only having some produces to sell here and there, but to also provide other gardening items. While the flowers, bushes, and trees might not all of eatable, I am sure that many of the places that we live an work could use some natural beautification. Ok, I'll be blunt. I am tired of looking a flat and dull layer of only grass everywhere. There are so much more types of plants out there, but it seems that we are in a barren zone of nothingness. So I strongly suggest everyone come over to get some plants. It really isn't that hard to take care of because I have made sure that they are nurtured to adulthood where they won't require much attention. That means that even the blackest of thumbs will be able to have plants around without worrying that they will die for lack of attention.

-Eric Gardener

The Taylor HouseholdEdit

Ed Taylor Child

Ed as a child

Joe Taylor Toddler

Joe as a toddler

Jesse Taylor Toddler

Jesse as a toddler

Nicholas Taylor Toddler

Nicholas as a toddler

It's pretty old news by now. The Originals are dying and my dam, Luke, is no exception. Forgive me if I don't seem mournful about it, but he died within minutes of Sean's passing in the beginning of the season. He was actually the second one to go. So needless to say, I have had a few days to wrap my head around the mess or rather the life he left for me to run. I think I am getting a handle on it by now.

Ed has grow into a fine independent child, but is looking forward to when he can truly help run things with me. He keeps following my around and watching me. I guess we know who will take my place. But he has also taken a liking to an ant hill behind the house, so I had it sealed into an empty picture frame for him to watch while I am busy on other things like tending to Joe. I know that Luke said that both Timothy and I were very pregnant last season. As you can guess, we both gave birth within minutes after the last report was sent off. I had Joe who is now starting to learn to walk and talk. Timothy had twins. Can you believe it that we have another set of twins in the neighborhood? Jesse and Nicholas are both learning to walk and talk as well. To be honest, I will be glad when they all grow up because the smell of diapers is starting to get a little distracting for me while I am sewing.

And speaking of sewing, I think I have learned all that my dam learned on the needle, so I don't think that we need to have any worries about not having the clothes that we need when the ones that we have are no longer good enough. I have also been really working on the fashion store that dam left me. I have been expanding on the types of textiles that has been done in the past. It was my dam's dream to do so in the future after all, so I am just making it happen now that he is gone. I have added several things like rugs and floor mats to the typical curtains and quilts that have been made in the past.

I guess other than taking care of the kids and for me, managing the store, Timothy and I have been quiet busy with the mills of everyday life to maintain the status quo of the quality of life that we have been left with. Who would have thought that it would be so easy and mundane to run a household. Don't get me wrong, I don't think that it is not worth my time because someone has to do it. It is just that there doesn't seem to be a whole lot of variety. Maybe it is just because it doesn't seem like there has been that much building up like there was when we were all younger. I mean, if you think about how our dams and sires stared out with absolutely nothing around. Not even any buildings or trees. Now we have quite a few buildings and homes, but it seems like we have kind of just stopped and just fought to maintain what is currently here. I don't think that is what they would have wanted us to do. So I guess I am saying that I think we need to do more than just maintain the status quo.

-Lance Taylor

The Plummer HouseholdEdit

Dustin Plummer Teen

Dustin as a teen

This has come as a complete shock. Dan, my dam, passed away moments just before the reports were due. Luckily I found his scribbles for this quarter because I wouldn't have known what to write or say. I was totally unprepared for this. In any case, this is what he wrote:

This has truly been a sad season for my friends. There are only 3 of us left now, Tyler, Chris, and myself. I fear that I don't have much time left. However, if I were to leave this place tomorrow, I don't think I have anything to worry about because I know that my son, Jared, will be able to handle everything that I have been doing without any problem. To be quite frank, plumbing isn't really that hard now that everyone has theirs in place.

On the home front of things, Dustin has grown into a fine young lad. I noticed that he was one a little bit on the mean side, but Jared was able to sit him down and tell him that Plummers don't behave mean towards other Sims. It's a good thing too because it would probably kill me to see my grandson get into a fight with one of his brothers or cousins. Or any of him family members for that matter.

-Jared Plummer