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The Next Generation Springs Forth
Name: The Next Generation Springs Forth
Series: The Genesis Project
Written by: Icemandeaf
Release date: July 21, 2015

Previous chapter: Cold, Sad News
Next chapter: Summer Love

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The Next Generation Springs ForthEdit

The Harper HouseholdEdit

Chad Harper Teen

Chad as a teen

Lee Harper Teen Witch

Lee as a teen wizard

Brad Harper Teen

Brad as a teen

Corbin Harper Toddler

Corbin as an toddler

I didn't know that I would feel this way, but I am truly sad with so many of my friends gone. I can't imagine being without them. There hasn't been a time that I remember being without them. Maybe I was before I arrived here, but I will never know if that were the case or not. So I guess the chapter of the Original 8 is slowly coming to an end, and a new chapter is beginning for the next generation.

And speaking of the next generation, my boys have produced some fine young lads. Chad, Lee, and Brad are all now teens. Chad currently has an A+ from school. He's a smart kid. Lee has an A-. He could probably have gotten an A+ had he decided not to focus on some book that he and a couple of his cousins found. He told me that he is learning the way of the light, whatever that means. Brad currently has a B. He takes a little after his dam with his passion (or lack thereof) for learning lessons. And my youngest grandson Corbin is now a toddler. He is walking, talking, singing, and everything else. He is in such a hurry to follow his brother and cousins to school. I tell him that he will in just a couple of days, but he just can't wait. I'm sure that David would have been the same way if we had a school like we do now.

And speaking of the school, it currently isn't much. I am going to ask Sean -- I mean Alex to make me some chairs and tables for the kids to be able to sit and write on while they are learning their lessons. That way they won't have to sit on the grass any more. I see the grandsons sitting on the floor doing their homework after they come home from school that it has made me realize that they are doing the same all day at school. I know that I get uncomfortable writing these reports once every quarter, so I can only imagine how they would feel doing it almost everyday. You could say that it is because I'm older, but I just have a feeling that it will be really bad for them when they get to my age if I don't do something about it now. Talking about plans, I still haven't even gotten some building done for the cemetery, but I will do that this season as well because my friends deserve it. I have better hurry because I have no clue how long it will be before I join them.

With regards to the other businesses, the Real Estate and Art Gallery are becoming quite quaint. The Real Estate has a few lots ready to be bought for anyone in the neighborhood, and the Art Gallery has several of my paintings up for sell. Jim's Music Store is actually becoming quite the place as well. While Jim may have had a disinterest in learning, he sure has a great interest in all things music. He has created some rather interesting instruments that are quite pleasing to listen to. I am very glad that I gave that lot for that side of the business front.

-Tyler Harper

The Carpenter HouseholdEdit

George Carpenter Teen

George as a teen

Jacob Carpenter Teen

Jacob as a teen

It still feels weird to be writing these reports now. I know that it has almost been two full seasons since my dam passed away, but it still feels like it was yesterday. I only hope that I am running things the way that he would have wanted me to run things.

My son, George, as well as my nephew, Jacob, are now teens. They have really taken to learning the weights, which I am quite happy about. I have also put them to work at the Carpentry as well, so they are learning some business talents. Drew and I haven't been able to teach them much in the way of business secrets, but we will soon. They have also been enjoying school. They are meeting several of their cousins, which I think is a good thing. They need to meet the others in their family, which is quite large now that I come to think of it. In fact, it seems that they are related to everyone in the community. I hope that they aren't because that wouldn't be good for them since they really want to have children.

The Rec Center has been able to expand somewhat. I think it just might become closer to the vision that my dam had for it, to become the fitness center for the entire community. The Carpentry is coming out quite nicely too. I have been adding more variety of items to the store so that Sims can have more unique carpentry for their homes and businesses. That way we can have more diversity and beauty in the community.

-Alex Carpenter

The Fisher HouseholdEdit

Caleb Fisher Child

Caleb as a child

Well, this report is going to short. My dam passed away this morning and didn't have the report written up as usual. He did always wait until the last minute to write it up. I'm not sure how he was able to remember all that had happen in the past season to be able to write up a decent report. In any case, I will have to do the same for this report because he didn't even have any notes anywhere for me to find.

My twins are doing well. I have started to give them some responsibility around the store and fishing. I wouldn't be surprised if they become apt fishermen just like their granddam. Caleb has also grown up some. He is really excited that he can now fish just like everyone else instead of just watching us from his crib. He still has a way to go before he has the handle on the rod to where he doesn't get tangled up in it before the fish do. And the store is steadily growing, but fishing seems to be the hardest business in the community. Maybe I can change that.

-Nick Fisher

The Baker HouseholdEdit

Ace Baker Teen Witch

Ace as a teen warlock

I don't even know where to begin with this report. I don't know how my dam was able to consistently write up these reports without much of a problem. Maybe it is because Zack and I never gave him that much of a problem. Ace has decided to join with a group of the other kids in some rather strange stuff. I will occasionally find him chanting some peculiar stuff that he is reading from a book. When I ask him about it, he says that he is just practicing something for school. I have asked the others about it, and no one has given them anything to chant - much less know where this book came from. There have been a couple of times while Ace was gone at school that I found the book and thought about thumbing through it, but I haven't done that yet. I know that I would notice the something was different if someone touched my stuff, so I don't want to do that.

-Connor Baker

The Potter HouseholdEdit

Kevin Potter Teen

Kevin as a teen

Adam Potter Teen Witch

Adam as a teen warlock

Franklin Potter Child

Franklin as a child

Sebastian Potter Child

Sebastian as a child

This season has been a really interesting one. There has been a lot that has happened. First is that all of my sons have had a birthday. It seems like only yesterday that they were just a bump in my belly. Now they are growing up into being their own individuals. Soon they will be completely independent and running their own lives without me. I hope that they will still want me in their lives. I'm sure that they would because why else wouldn't they. I am a great dam.

Kevin and Adam have grown into quite the young lads. I am quite impress with Kevin with all the hard work that he is placing in school and everyday family work. He reminds me of the focus and determination that I had when I was his age. I think I should start showing him the ropes of the business side of things. I might even groom him to take over eventually.

Adam on the other hand isn't that focused on school. It is largely because he has gotten enthralled by a book that no one knows where it came from. I don't want to judge him and push him away, but it is a little odd some of the chanting that he does. He also insists on wearing a ridicules black robe all the time.

Franklin and Sebastian have both stopped needing to use a crib. They are excited to finally be able to go to school along with their brothers and cousins. They may be twins, but I have a feeling that they aren't really that much alike. I doubt that will be a bad thing because being unique just makes things interesting. It also helps to tell them apart. I'm just glad that they don't look exactly the same.

The Pottery and Ceramic store are still floating at a consistent pace even with me not focusing so much on it. Now that the twins have grown up, I will be able to focus on it even more. I will also be able to groom Kevin like I mentioned earlier. I will start him off small so that it doesn't take too much from his schooling because I want to have him keep that up as well.

Jason is also doing well, even if I haven't mentioned him much so far. I really have to thank him. He has been the one who has been keeping an eye on the businesses while I have been under constant focus on raising my sons. I know that there are some who have questioned the fact that I only damed sons and he only sired sons, but it has been alright for us because we actually wouldn't want to do it any other way. I get to have all of my sons with me in the home, and he doesn't have to be bothered by his unless he wants to go and say high to them. I honestly hopes that he at least introduces himself to his sons before it is too long. I can only imagine how I would feel if I never knew my sire.

So I guess that sums up my report for now. It feels like we are on the verge of some great changes, but I just hope they aren't too large and nothing bad.

-Martin Potter

The Gardener HouseholdEdit

Noah Gardener Teen

Noah as a teen

It seems that I don't have that much to report this season live several others around me. The biggest thing to report is a nonevent. When Noah grew up to be a teen, he did not turn green like myself and Patrick did. This is not a deception like the one that my dam placed on me when I became a teen. It is unknown why the PlantSim gene was not passed on to him. It could explain why Noah never really showed any interest in gardening as a whole.

As far as the Farmer's Market goes, things appear to be booming. I have greatly expanded the floral and plant life ready to be purchased by the community. I know that I have said it before, but I really look forward to seeing more plants around than what there are now. If things keep booming like they are, I will have to get another lot from Tyler to expand the market.

-Eric Gardener

The Taylor HouseholdEdit

Ed Taylor Teen

Ed as a teen

Joe Taylor Child

Joe as a child

Jesse Taylor Child

Jesse as a child

Nicholas Taylor Child

Nicholas as a child

There has been a lot going on this season here. All of the boys have had birthdays. It is actually nice that there aren't any little ones running around anymore. It doesn't mean that I don't love them, but having more than two little guys running around sure makes things tough when you are also trying to run a household with a couple of businesses. I guess that is what happens when both Timothy and I have kids at the same time.

In any case, Ed is now a teen. He has really taken to watching ants. I'm not sure who did it, but he was able to get some ants inside of a case to watch on hours at ends. I wonder if it was a Carpenter. I was hoping that I could teach him the secrets of the trade, but he doesn't seem to be all that interested. Maybe I can find a way to get him interested somehow. If I can't, I guess I can always share then with Joe to take over.

Speaking of Joe, he really enjoys that he now has some more freedom to move around and do his own thing. I must say that I was truly shocked when he came home from school on his first day with his hair done the way it is. Granted, it isn't long, but I think that Joe is the first out of any of us to have his hair parted down the middle. It just looks really strange to see it that way. He said that was just how his hair settled after he showered. He swears that he didn't do anything to his hair to make it look anything in particular, especially not parted the way it is now.

Jesse and Nicholas are a rather interesting pair of twins. They really don't look anything like each other. Different skin color. Different hair color. Their hair is even different in length. The only thing that is remotely similar between the two is that they both have blue eyes. They are also both excited about going to school and being able to roam about more than they were allowed to before, but that is pretty much Joe or any other kid around here. I know that I was when I reached their age.

The businesses have been floating along just fine while Timothy and I took care of the boys. Now that they have grown up a little older, I will be able to focus on them more so. I might even be able to buy another business to expand since it seems that we will need to soon. I am actually a little excited to get back to focusing on them again.

Timothy will also be able to take his lessons at the sewing machine again. I don't want to be the only one that can do all of the sewing around here. I would love to be able to get Ed and even Joe to learn the needle as well, but I am guessing that Ed will have more interest in his ants than he will in fabric. I might have better luck with Joe. I sure hope so because I know that my dam would be really upset if I didn't ensure that the trade doesn't get passed on to the next generation. Can you imagine how awkward it would be if there were no more new clothes made for future generations? It would only last for so long until there is not enough or the clothes become too worn to wear.

-Lance Taylor

The Plummer HouseholdEdit

I guess we are the only ones who didn't have any birthdays this past season. Dustin wanted me to let you know that he will have his birthday tomorrow, so we will have one next report. As far as what has happened this season, Dustin has learned all of the trades that I have learned so far. He still hasn't learned the talents of the business yet, but that will come with time. I am sure that he will learn very quickly and become even better than I am. The businesses have been doing alright. I am thinking of expanding some time soon, but I don't know exactly when yet. We will just have to see. I know that this was a short report. We are the smallest household, so it makes sense that we would have less going on than the others.

-Jared Plummer