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Falling in Love
Name: Falling in Love
Series: The Genesis Project
Written by: Icemandeaf
Release date: January 3, 2016

Previous chapter: Summer Love
Next chapter: Cold Business

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Falling in LoveEdit

The Harper HouseholdEdit

David Harper Elder

David as an elder

Chad Harper YA

Chad as a young adult

Franklin Potter YA

Franklin as a young adult

Tyler was a little upset about being demoted from manager last season, so he focused on finishing the apartments so that they could be ready to move in at the end of fall. He was just about finished with only needing to do the finishing touches inside the apartments when he passed away. It would be a few days before I would be able to finish them, so I just left them completely bare for those who move in to paint and furnish as they wish. All of the lots that Tyler had put up for sale have all been sold, so means that I will have to get some more lots ready for sale before there can be any more new businesses. Not something that I wanted to handle all of the sudden just before my birthday.

To be honest, I was actually looking forward to just working in the culinary industry. Now that I have to manage all of the family businesses as well as all of the household needs, it doesn't look like I will be able to focus much on it. At least Jim only has one business, and it is related to the music industry as he wants to work with. Maybe when Chad is a little older with kids not needing his attention so much, he will be able to take over the household before I die so that I can do what I want.

I really need to change the subject because this is getting me quite upset. So, Tyler's urn has been placed in the cemetery along with the other Originals. I have also completed painting portraits of all of them and have placed them above the urns. That way everyone will know what they looked like and have something to reflect on.

The last matter of business that I have for this report is about the move ins and move outs that we had. With Chad and Franklin having their birthdays, Franklin has moved in from the Potter household to join ours. At the time of this report, they have not yet gotten engaged, but I know that they will before the day is over. Lee and Brad have also had their birthdays. Lee moved out with Sebastian to create their own household. They have moved into the lot right next to us. Brad has moved out to join with the Baker household. I'm sure that they will mention it in their report, so that is all for now.

-David Harper

The Carpenter HouseholdEdit

Alex Carpenter Elder

Alex as an elder

Drew Carpenter Elder

Drew as an elder

George Carpenter YA

George as a young adult

This season we had quite a bit of changes. First thing was that the boys had their birthdays. Because they were young adults now, Drew and I decided that they should help around the Carpentry some. That and because the Carpentry needed some focus and building up. I must admit that I really worked George harder than I did Jacob mainly because I want to groom him to take over the household.

That proved to be a smart choice because a couple of days later Jacob decided that he wanted to get engaged to Joe Taylor and join with his household. I know that Drew was a little sad to see his son leave, but his son was happy so he was happy for him. I'm not sure how I would react if George did that, but it seems that I won't have to. George tells me that the only one who he is not related to of his cohort is Caleb Fisher. Because Andrew is there with Ed already, George feels that Caleb will most likely come over to our household before he goes over to join with the Fisher household. I actually see his reasoning there.

So we were able to get some focus on the Carpentry as well as the Rec Center - although not as much. Because of the hard work that we did, George was able to master his skill in sales just like his dam. Now I will just need to get him going on his restocking and cashier skills. While its true that those skills aren't needed for the Rec Center, they are needed for the Carpentry. That could be why it has taken a bit longer to get it up to a level 5 business like the Rec Center.

Hopefully I will be able to get George up to an acceptable skill level soon. The reason is that both Drew and I had our last birthday, so it is only a matter of time before he has to take over just like I did when my dam passed away. Although, I think that I just might transfer everything to George before it comes to that so that I can at least see if he is truly capable of running things. I guess I could see because I bought one of the stores on the first floor of the apartments on W Main St. I could have George run it as a small gym so that whoever lives in them won't have to go far to workout.

-Alex Carpenter

The Fisher HouseholdEdit

Nick Fisher Elder

Nick as an elder

Billy Fisher Toddler

Billy as a toddler

Randy Fisher Toddler

Randy as a toddler

Well, we have had quite a few things happen this past season. Shortly after the season started, Ed gave birth to Billy and Randy. It has been interesting having babies in the house again. Both Andrew and Ed have really taken to being parents very well. It will be interesting to see what these two little boys will get themselves into as time goes on. Right now, they just like haggling each other.

With the focus on the new twins, there hasn't been that much happening business wise, much less improvements. In fact, I think there has been a minor loss this season. I hope that we can pick that up soon, but I suspect that it won't be next season with winter coming. The cold weather doesn't really lead to a whole lot of good fish. I believe that I have enough to hold us all over for the winter, so I am not too worried about that.

Caleb is really looking forward to finishing with school and doing thing like all of his brothers and cousins have been. He told me the other day that school has gotten a little lonely with only a few still left, and that is getting smaller by each passing day. It guess there will be a few days that there will be no children in the neighborhood, but that will change soon when Billy and Randy become school age. And I know that there will be several to follow because of all the pregnancies that are happening now.

To think that it was only a few days ago that my brothers and I were all pregnant. Now we are getting older and they are all getting pregnant. In fact, I just had my own elder birthday. I remember that my dam wasn't too happy when that happened for him, but I don't think it is really that bad. Of course, there were many things that made him unhappy. That isn't to say that there aren't things that make me unhappy. Like when Ed sways over me. Sends shivers down my spine. Another thing that I wasn't too happy about, but understand why Thomas decided to, was him moving into the new apartments. Since Ed is the only one that he isn't related to, Thomas didn't want to stay in the same house when Andrew and Ed are committed to each other. I don't know what that will mean for Thomas, but he seems to think he will be alright.

-Nick Fisher

The Baker HouseholdEdit

Connor Baker Elder

Connor as an elder

Brad Harper YA

Brad as a young adult

The house feels quite empty now. Adam and Sebastian had their birthdays and moved out with their respective love and created their own families. Brad moved in to join with Lawrence, which means that Anthony also moved out to avoid any awkwardness between the two. Anthony didn't leave the family, but just moved into the apartments with a couple of his other cousins. While it is nice not to have someone chanting random things at all hours, it makes the emptiness of the house that much more noticeable being so quiet. With Brad being pregnant, however, I know that won't last for that long. I am actually glad about that.

The family businesses have been holding pretty steady. I am hoping to groom Lawrence to take over so that I can really focus on what I want to do. Now that I am a rookie on the neighborhood team, I would really like to improve my skills around the field. I am sure that Zack would be happy to do what he wants to do as well. He has really learned how to run a party as a DJ, so he is the one to contact if anyone wants to host a party. So if I can groom Lawrence to the point that I feel that he can take over, I would gladly do it. In fact, I just might move into an apartment so that I can really focus on that. I haven't run it by Zack yet, but I am sure that he wouldn't mind doing the same thing. I would be a little sad to not see my grandsons, but I am sure that I can still come over from time to time.

-Connor Baker

The Potter HouseholdEdit

Nicholas Potter YA

Nicholas as a young adult

There has been quite a bit of moving out and moving in in our house. Of course, we aren't the only ones. It just makes everything feel quite odd around the house. Adam and Sebastian have left the family to create their own. Adam and Ace moved into the apartments to create the Warlock family. Lee and Sebastian moved next door to the Harper family to create the Wizard family. I guess they really got into this so-called world of magic. Franklin moved in with the Harper family and is engaged with Chad as David probably already mentioned, but I just wanted to mention it here just in case. Kevin has gotten engaged with Nicholas. It's only a matter of time before they have their own little Potter boys. As excited I am about that, the businesses need to have some looking after.

At the moment there hasn't been really much happening with the businesses, but I have a lot of plans to get things moving. I bought one of the stores under the apartments. I'm thinking that I will make it specifically for the types of pottery that my dam used to make. I also bought another lot on the other corner next to the school. I am not sure what I will do there yet, but I am sure that it will come to me within the next few days.

-Martin Potter

The Gardener HouseholdEdit

Eric Gardener Elder

Eric as an elder

Things have been pretty tame around the garden. The trees and bushes are still very much happy and enjoy the talks that Patrick and I give at various times of day. Noah decided that he would move into the Plummer household with Dustin. My understanding is that I have a couple of grandsons now. I guess I will have to go meet them some time soon. In the mean time, Patrick is really taking to handling the businesses quite well. It's a good thing too because I just had my elder birthday. I'm sure I will still be around for a long time, but I think that I just might turn over the businesses to him. He told me that he would first like to find his other half like his brothers and cousins have. I have a idea who that is, but he is several days younger than Patrick. I know it seems odd when his brothers and cousins are matching up with guys within 5 days or so, but it isn't like Patrick is a year older (or more than 20 days) because that would be a little awkward.

- Eric Gardener

The Taylor HouseholdEdit

Jacob Taylor YA

Jacob as a young adult

Joe Taylor YA

Joe as a young adult

Jesse Taylor YA

Jesse as a young adult

A lot has happened in this household this past season. As you probably already know from the Potter report, Nicholas has left to join with Kevin shortly after his birthday. And since Jesse and Joe also have the same birthday, they also grew up. Joe got engaged to Jacob who had his birthday only a few days before. It seems that Jesse is the only one who has decided not to get engaged to anyone and has decided to move out into one of the apartments. I can't say that I blame him because I know I certainly don't understand this whole getting engaged business, but Jesse made it clear it was because there wasn't anyone his age that he wasn't related to except for Jacob and it just wouldn't be "proper" to have Jacob also be engaged to him. I know that I've slept with lovers of my lovers, so I don't see what the problem is. Oh well. In any case, Jacob is pregnant with what I am guessing are twins because the precious babies born this generation have been twins. I could be wrong, but it just seems very likely.

The family business has been having an expansion as of late. The Designer Fashion on West Business Loop was just getting too crowded with various textile items. I decided to move the Designer Fashion to one of the stores under the apartments on West Main Street. I left the rugs and other like items at the store on West Business Loop and renamed it to Rugs and Things. I also bought a lot on South Business Loop and placed the curtains and quilts there. I am naming that store Fabric Shop. Luke's Taylor hasn't really been getting a lot of attention with the other stores just being started up. I'm not sure what I want to do with it at the moment. I'm not sure I am even satisfied with the changes that I have made, but I will see how it goes next season before I decide to do any major moving around again.

To be frank, I don't even know if I want to keep running these businesses. I know that I am younger than my other brothers who have been talking about transferring over the family businesses to their sons and retiring, but I think I might like to do that as well. I just got promoted to being a music teacher. I wouldn't have ever thought of working much with music, but I have really started to enjoy it to where I want to see where I can take the career in music to. I know that Timothy is still a drive trough clerk, but I know that he has mentioned that he would like to take the culinary career further as well. Having to focus on running the family business will not allow that.

-Lance Taylor

The Plummer HouseholdEdit

Jared Plummer Elder

Jared as an elder

Noah Plummer YA

Noah as a young adult

John Plummer Baby

John as a baby

Oliver Plummer Baby

Oliver as a baby

This season has been quite an eventful one. Dustin got engaged to Noah, and Noah moved into the household. I still find this new trend of moving around, joining/creating households, and getting engaged a little odd, but all that matters is that the boys are feeling content with the choices that they are making at hopefully they will be happy as well. It's just a little unusual having more than 2 around the house. True, there was a time when I was little when there was 3 of us, but the little shack was able to hold all of us without too much of a problem.

And if having three Sims in the house wasn't unusual enough, Noah got pregnant shortly after he moved in. I knew that having yet another Sim would be too crowded in the shack, so I did some expansion to be able to at least handle 4 or maybe even a couple more Sims in the near future. I don't know if Dustin was really surprised by the birth of twins, but I sure was. That meant that now with Noah and the twins, John and Oliver, there are 5 Sims. I hope the expansion to the original shack that I made will be able to hold the entire household for a while. This is the last expansion that I would like to do because it really took a lot out of me. True, I didn't become an elder until after I finished the expansion, but the next day I did. So I really don't want to put up more walls much less get up above to lay the roof. I told both Dustin and Noah that if they need to have a bigger place because they want to have more kids, they will have to do it on their own without my physical help. I am willing to give an outside support, but I won't do the physical labor.

Luckily I didn't have any problem with building out financially. The family business had been doing well that I decided to buy yet another lot and make a place for showers. So we have the hardware store, the tubs store, the showers store, as well as the original store that Dan started at the house. I know that having two little babies will take a lot of Dustin and Noah's attention, but I am hoping that Dustin will be willing to part from the occasionally so that he can help with the businesses. I think it would also be a good idea to get him familiar with the inner workings so that he can take over the businesses soon.

I share the same feelings of my other brothers and those in my generation in that I would like to retire from being the head of the household and let Dustin take over. Who knows? Maybe I can focus on my athletic career and make it to being a real big hot shot. At the moment, I am only a rookie on the team. There isn't anyone more than that because it is such a small team, so I guess we will have to build up the team for me to become the hot shot I am thinking of being. Then again, maybe we don't really need that big of a team. Just need to hone in my skills with the ball.

- Jared Plummer