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Cold Business
Name: Cold Business
Series: The Genesis Project
Written by: Icemandeaf
Release date: February 28, 2016

Previous chapter: Falling in Love
Next chapter: Spring Babies

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Cold BusinessEdit

The Wizard HouseholdEdit

Lee Wizard YA

Lee as a young adult

Sebastian Wizard YA

Sebastian as a young adult

This past winter has been quite exciting and maybe even a little nerve wrecking for the Sebastian and I. As was mentioned in the last report, we had moved into the lot right next door to the Harper's. To think that I grew up seeing this plot of land growing up. I would have never guessed that I would be moving out here to build up my own household.

The first thing we did was we quickly built a bare shack so that we wouldn't freeze during the first snow. That took most of the money that I got from my share of the Harper family fund. I didn't want to borrow some more money because that counters the whole point of living on your own, to survive on your own without becoming dependent on others needlessly. So Sebastian and I became cashiers at Alex and Jim's stores respectively. It doesn't pay a whole lot, but it is enough to make life comfortable.

Since things are a little less frantic now that we have a roof over our heads, Sebastian and I have decided to have at least one child. Don't want to stress out to provide with the minimal income that we have. So Sebastian is now pregnant and should be giving birth within the next couple of days. Who knows? If things go alright for us, we might be able to buy a business to build up for another source of income. That might not be for a while, but I still want to do that eventually. There is no way that we will be able to survive on cashier's income forever.

-Lee Wizard

The Harper HouseholdEdit

Jim Harper Elder

Jim as an elder

Randall Harper Baby

Randall as a baby

Ron Harper Baby

Ron as a baby

It seems like things are continually changing around here. Corbin has decided to move in with the Gardener Household to join with Patrick. Those two will have the largest gap in age, but it really isn't that bad right? I mean, it isn't like someone my age is chasing after any of the boys. I admit that they have grown into quite the young men, but that is just not something that is going to happen. I know my brothers agree with me on that.

And speaking of brothers, Jim has had his birthday now as well. I just can't get over how much he reminds me of dam. Of course, he says that I look more like Dam than he does. Who am I to argue because I don't really see my own face. The reflection of water can only show so much. I guess the next closest thing would be to have Jim paint my portrait, but I'm not too sure how accurate that would be. In any case, Jim has always been better with his music than art. His music shop actually attests to that.

As far as the other businesses under the Harper name, they are doing well. There haven't been any huge expansions, but they are still growing. The Real Estate Agency has a few lots that are available for purchase. The school and cemetery have been getting their final touches to where they are actually looking like how I have envisioned them. I sure hope that they are how my dam envisioned them because they were done with him in mind. The Art Gallery has been renamed to Tyler's Art because the community has decided that the home businesses should be closed and moved out of the homes so that we can keep business and family life separate. That way when the boys do take over the businesses, they can focus on the two without trying to juggle too much.

Which leads me to my final piece of news for this quarter. There are now a fourth generation in the Harper household. Chad and Franklin had cute twins who they named Randall and Ron. Looks like they will continue the twin tradition in the family. It almost makes me wonder if that is always the case that there will be twins. I'm sure that isn't the case, but these last few births have mostly been twins. Kinda makes you wonder.

-David Harper

The Carpenter HouseholdEdit

Caleb Carpenter YA

Caleb as a young adult

Jeffery Carpenter Baby

Jeffery as a baby

Russ Carpenter Baby

Russ as a baby

Caleb was sure quick to move in from next door after his birthday to be engaged to George. Being the only one of my generation to have only one lover, I guess I can understand why he would want to be with one guy, but I can't imagine wanting to move in with Lance, much less rush to have kids. Nothing wrong with kids, but one is enough for me and I didn't have George before I was 30.

They sure didn't wait long that long to have kids. Caleb was pregnant most of the season, and he gave birth to twins just yesterday. George and Caleb are already talking about having another kid. Whatever floats your boat, I guess. I just hope that they realize that because we have all gotten jobs that there might be times when no one is home to take care of the little ones. They feel that they can ask one of their other parents to stay to take care of them when no one is able to watch the kids. I guess that will work, but we will have to see about that in the coming seasons.

So as I just mentioned above, we all got jobs. Drew is a cashier for Martin's little store under the apartments. George is a host over at the restaurant. Caleb just got hired on as a teacher's aide for the school. (Something about wanting to learn the ropes so that when all of these kids are school age that he will be able to have a more full-time position.) I am a cashier for Lance's shop. It is kind of fun working for him.

I have also hired people to work at my shops as well. I'm guessing that Chad has already been reported to working as a salesperson in the Rec Center, and Sebastian is a cashier for my Beds & Beyond. Eric is a cashier at the carpentry. As par agreement of the community, I have also closed down Sean's Fitness and moved to right next door to Martin's shop under the apartments. It will be a small personable gym with easy access for those at the apartments. I think that will be very true to how Sean was with his gym.

-Alex Carpenter

The Fisher FamilyEdit

Andrew Fisher Adult

Andrew as an adult

Ed Fisher Adult

Ed as an adult

Billy Fisher Child

Billy as a child

Randy Fisher Child

Randy as a child

Thomas Fisher Adult

Thomas as an adult

The Fisher HouseholdEdit

This past season has been quite a stressful one for us. We also had to move Chris' Fishes to another lot. The fishing market always takes a dive during the winter, but moving fishes during winter isn't an easy feast either. Needless to say, we really took a beating as a household financially. I guess you could say that we as a family didn't do too well financially either, but I will let Thomas report about himself since he is living on his own now. Hopefully we will be able to bounce back next spring.

So because we have been hurting financially, everyone had to take on jobs. Everyone except Billy and Randy, of course. We can't have child labor going on now, can we? Actually, why can't we? I mean, I know that they are now in school learning the basic stuff, but is it really too hard for them to also work? And it is only the two of them at school right now anyways. Kind of boring and lonely if you ask me. Regardless, they tell me that they like school a lot. Something about the fact that they get to play on the school playground almost the entire time they are their. I don't know how that is learning the basics, but I guess I have to trust that David is running the school in a proper fashion since I don't know how to run a school.

Anyway, I digress. I am working as a cashier at the real estate agency, Andrew is working at the art gallery also as a cashier, and Ed is working at the town hall as a cadet. I guess it is a good thing that we will have someone in Law Enforcement in this neighborhood so that we don't have to deal with burglars. I never did find out who it was that stole from my dam when I was under. Hmm... I wonder if I should even try figuring it out now since it was so long ago. I probably know who it was now because I know almost everyone in the neighborhood. Kinda makes me feel like there might be someone who is hoping I never find out. Luckily for whoever it is, I am not as insulted by what happened as he was.

-Nick Fisher

The Thomas Fisher HouseholdEdit

Not only did I just have my birthday, but I also get to write up a report for myself. I feel so grown up. Not many of my siblings or cousins get to do this yet. I'm kind of excited about it.

So what happened to me this past winter? Well, I have really enjoyed living in the apartments. A couple of my cousins are in the other apartments, so I get to see them a lot now. We've gotten to be good friends. One can't have too many friends.

As fun as living in these apartments are, I still have to pay §600 per week. So I am working as a piano tuner. It is a fun job, but it only makes just enough to be able to pay for rent, bills, and food. Maybe I can convince Jim to give me a promotion so that I can make a little more money and get a little more breathing room financially. It's either that or start freestyling on the street to get some extra money that way. Neither is really a bad thing because I really do enjoy rocking out some beats here and there. And if I can get paid for it, that is a true rock feast.

-Thomas Fisher

The Baker FamilyEdit

Zack Baker Elder

Zack as an elder

Lawrence Baker Adult

Lawrence as an adult

Ivan Baker Toddler

Ivan as a toddler

Timmy Baker Toddler

Timmy as a toddler

Anthony Baker Adult

Anthony as an adult

The Baker HouseholdEdit

I have moved Matt's Bakery over to the location of "The Bakery" by renaming it. I hope that satisfies the requirement of the community to close up the home businesses. I have some cash left over from the switch over, but I don't know if I will do anything with it just yet. I had to do quite a bit of extension to the old shack to accommodate two new little boys in the family. I can't believe that they are already toddlers now. They weren't even born yet with the last report. And it seems that will be happening again because Brad is pregnant again!

I'm surprised that he is even willing to be pregnant again after the surprise engagement educed labor. I don't know why Lawrence waited for almost 3 days of Brad living with us while pregnant before he decided to even ask Brad. I mean, what was he waiting for? It isn't like the kid was going anywhere. In any case, it looks like we will be having another addition to the family within the next day, so I am keeping cash on hand in case we really need to do some remodeling. I must say that I am really tempted to get up and move out because Lawrence is talking about having even more kids after this one (or two!) come. I know that Zack is with me on that as well. Maybe it wouldn't be a bad idea to turn over the family obligations to Lawrence early and enjoy the last few days of my life in peace. Not a bad idea at all.

With Lawrence now being an adult and Brad not too far behind, I don't see any reason why they can't run the businesses and take care of their kids on their own. Of course Zack and I will still help out when needed with the businesses or the kids, but not to run things like we have been. I'm sure that Lawrence will be trilled to be able to run with a few of his ideas on how to run the businesses. Right now, Lawrence and Brad are employed at Shower & More and Tubs & More respectively as cashiers, although I don't expect that Brad will be working at Tubs & More for a while with being pregnant and having little ones running around. That is unless someone like Zack and I can take care of them while he's away.

I'm still a rookie, but Zack is now working at the record store as a clerk. Zack likes to watch all the games that I am in, but I like to play various games. It is actually a nice life if I do say so myself. Well, I better get going because the little twins are in desperate need of a diaper change, and their parents are nowhere to be found.

-Connor Baker

The Anthony Baker HouseholdEdit

I see that my dam didn't mention anything about me doing my own write up for this season, but I'm sure that he just assumed that you would figure that out once you read my report. Life in the barracks (or the apartments as you might call them) has been rather interesting. I convinced Uncle Martin that we need to have a military outfit to protect our community from any type of invasion. I know that most of my relatives don't exactly agree with me on that fact, but they at least don't try to defer my actions. So every morning I do my rounds to make sure that we are safe. I have even been working with a few of my cousins who have decided that they want to patrol for any deviant behaviors. While I don't really care too much about what is going on within the community as much as what might be happening without, it gives me something to do to keep sharp and improve my skills so that I can protect us when there is a time that an attack does occur.

-Anthony Baker

The Potter HouseholdEdit

Martin Potter Elder

Martin as an elder

Jason Potter Elder

Jason as an elder

Kevin Potter Adult

Kevin as an adult

Adrian Potter Baby

Adrian as a baby

This past season has been an interesting one. First off, Jason and I both had out birthdays and are now elders. It is odd how Jason looks a lot like our dam, Kyle. I guess I do in some ways too, but I look more like my sire, Chris. Kevin had his adult birthday. He is really looking more like me everyday. Then we also had an addition to the family, Adrian. All I can say is that there are exciting times ahead for Adrian in our family. I can't wait to see what sort of things he will grow up to do. I'm not sure how much I will see, but my guess is that I will be a few days if I live anywhere as long as my dam. Who knows, maybe I will see him just about to start his own life like Kevin was not too long ago.

At the decision of the community to move all businesses off home property, I have moved "Kyle's Pottery" to one of the stores under the apartments that I had bought a while ago. It will be a while before it reaches the level of business in the new location to what it was before the move, but I am confident that it will get there and grow even more. I also built the town hall on the other lot that I had purchased last season. I wasn't sure what to do with it until it came to me that the community needed to have a central place to meet and handle community matters rather than meeting at various homes. While there were some hesitations for me to own the land of the town hall, everyone agreed that we needed to have one. Since I was the only other family other than the Harper family to have land available for use and was more than willing to do so, it made sense to go ahead with it.

I had gone ahead and used a lot of the family money to build it up for some good use. I built in a couple of offices and a courtroom. I even build a section of holding cells. I personally hope that we never have to use them, but it was a suggestion made by a few in the community. Something about punishing such acts like stealing from other neighbors would put it to use. I only remember that happening once, and it wasn't even that big of a deal. However, the argument is that as the community gets bigger, it will be more likely that something like that will happen - especially if people figure out that there isn't any serious punishment. I guess that makes sense. That is also why I built the courtroom, so that we can have a community passing the judgement of the crime rather than placing it all on one person. I remember how my sire was quite upset that the burglary was swept under the rug and hidden from sight. It took him a long time to get any amount of corporation with Tyler after that. I remember that there was a while that Chris couldn't even look at Tyler without contentment. So hopefully this way if there ever is a need for any sort of punishment outside of individual family affairs, the person being punished won't feel singled out like Chris did. I hope that I can get a good picture of the place once all of the snow melt now that it is spring.

-Martin Potter

The Gardener HouseholdEdit

Patrick Gardener Adult

Patrick as an adult

Corbin Gardener YA

Corbin as a young adult

This has been a rather interesting season. The first thing was moving around the businesses some. I closed out the home business that my dam started and renamed the store at the apartments to Mike's Garden. And because the "Farmer's Market" was getting too big, I bought another lot across the street to split the size. So now the old Farmer's Market is "Outdoor Plants" and the new business is "The Nursery" for outdoor and indoor gardening needs respectively. The picture for the nursery isn't that great because it was just after a snow storm, but I hope to get a better one once the snow melts.

The other thing that has happened this season for us is that Patrick got engaged to Corbin. Patrick was a little nervous about the age difference at first, but I told him that since he really wanted to have a family and Corbin was the only one he wasn't directly related to that he should just go with it. I mean, they are only 11 days apart in age. That is just barely over a half of a year. Now, if it were a whole year between the two of them, I guess I could see the point to hesitation. Can you imagine just having your young adult birthday and the other Sim is born? That would mean that you would be well past your adult birthday before he is even a young adult. If that isn't awkward, I don't know what it. In any case, they didn't wait long to get pregnant. I am sure that the next report will be of the next little Gardener. I wonder if he will be a PlantSim as well. Hmm...

-Eric Gardener

The Taylor FamilyEdit

Lance Taylor Elder

Lance as an elder

Floyd Taylor Toddler

Floyd as a toddler

Ronald Taylor Toddler

Ronald as a toddler

The Taylor HouseholdEdit

What can I say about this past season? I had my birthday. Joe and Jacob had twin boys, Floyd and Ronald. They also had their birthday as well. The businesses are going pretty much status quo. The only difference is that I have been doing some renaming. Luke's Taylor had to be moved off the home lot, so I moved it to the store that I had at the apartments since it was basically selling the same things that were being sold at Luke's Taylor. Since I had renamed it to Designer Fashion the season previous, I placed that name back where it has originally been at. Rugs & Things is no longer the name anymore. I might think about splitting the store to having that name again, but I don't know about that just yet. I guess I will just have to see.

I guess I should also mention that I was promoted to being a music judge. I guess we will be having some music contests soon and that is why I have been promoted. It's more money. And Joe joined the law enforcement as a patrol officer. I quite honestly see why we need law enforcement, but I guess it is so that everyone feels safe. I guess that is all that has really been happening around our house. I will go ahead and let Jesse give a report about what he's been up to.

-Lance Taylor

The Jesse Taylor HouseholdEdit

Wow! I get to write a small report for the community report. I have to say that living in the apartments has been sweet! I have been able to meet a lot of people and make a lot of friends. I can't believe how many family members I have around here. It is almost impossible to meet someone who isn't a family member around here. I also started working at the bakery. Talk about another awesome place to meet people. I wonder if I could make friends with everyone. I probably could.

-Jesse Taylor

The Plummer HouseholdEdit

Dustin Plummer Adult

Dustin as an adult

John Plummer Toddler

John as a toddler

Oliver Plummer Toddler

Oliver as a toddler

Clinton Plummer Baby

Clinton as a baby

I must say that this winter has been a rather interesting one. Having more than one baby around has actually been somewhat fun. It's true that I have mostly just been watching them, but they really aren't that bad at all. Kind of makes me wish that I gave birth to more that just Dustin. However, seeing Noah have to give birth and everything reminds me why I didn't. That is truly exhausting work. I have to hand it to him because he has given birth to three boys. The only one who has him beat is Martin with 4 sons. When I asked Noah if he was going to try to set the record, he quickly replied that this was his last birth. I don't think there is anything wrong with that because it isn't a competition.

As far as the family businesses go, there hasn't been too much focus on them. They have mainly just been maintaining status quo. It is true that I have closed up "Dan's Plumbing" and moved it to what used to be called the Hardware Store. I actually like having a place called that, so I might purchase another lot to build that up to being the new hardware store. Although, I do have the shower and tub businesses that need to have some focus as well. I'm not sure which I will do quite yet. I guess I will see next season.

-Jared Plummer

The Warlock HouseholdEdit

I'm surprised that we even get a spot in this report. We didn't have any birthdays. We didn't have any babies. We don't own any businesses. We don't even own a home. I wonder if the only reason we had a spot in this report is because Uncle Jared had a rather short report so there was still some room. I know I shouldn't really be complaining, but it really makes me wonder if there isn't some favoritism going on around here. I mean, Lee and Sebastian get a lot of land basically given to them while Ace and I have to live in the apartments. Don't get me wrong. I do live being able to see my cousins just a few steps away. I have really gotten to know them quite well. It just makes me wonder.

Oh, Ace just reminded me that I should mention that I should mention that he and I are working as cashiers for the Meat Market and now Dan's Plumbing, respectively. Ace and I have been scraping as much as we can so that we can actually buy a lot of land to have a home. I think that we should actually be able to do that very soon to be honest. Just got to make sure that we have enough to give David so that he will let us have the lot. I still don't know how Lee and Sebastian were able to get their lot right off the bat other than the fact that Lee is David's son. In any case, Ace is telling me that I should stop now and do some yoga posses to let off some steam. He seems to think that exercise is a respectable way to vent frustration. I can't say that I entirely agree, but it has really gotten me a nice body which Ace seems to really enjoy. And before you ask, no he isn't pregnant. Yet!

-Adam Warlock